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BBQfun (simulated business)

Table of contents

Chapter 1 – Business plan (excerpt)

Chapter 2 – Organisational chart and management profiles

BBQfun organisational chart

Chapter 3 – Management responsibilities

Pat Mifsud, CEO

Pat is responsible for working with the Board of Directors to oversee the business, set overall strategic directions, manage risk, and authorise large financial transactions.

Riz Mehra, Chief Financial Officer

Riz is responsible for preparing quarterly financial statements and overall budgeting. Riz is also responsible for overseeing budgets for cost centres and individual projects. At completion of financial quarters and at the end of projects, Riz is responsible for viewing budget variation reports and incorporating information into financial statements and financial projections.

Kim Chen, Operations General Manager

Kim is responsible for the day-to-day running of the company. Kim oversees the coordination of all operations. Kim is responsible for sponsoring projects which affect operations of the organisation as a whole. Kim works with the HR manager to coordinate systems and projects to achieve company-wide synergy.

Les Goodale, Human Resources (HR) Manager

  • Les is responsible for the productive capacity and welfare of people at BBQfun. With the Operations General Manager, Les works to co-ordinate projects and management systems such as performance management, recruitment, and induction.
  • Sam Lee, Marketing Manager

    Sam is responsible for the management of all aspects of marketing. Sam manages the activities of the marketing team.

    Pat Sweeney, Manager: Brisbane (Kenmore)

    Pat is responsible for the management of all aspects of the Brisbane store.

    Alex Mitchell, Manager: Gold Coast

    Alex is responsible for the management of all aspects of the Gold Coast store.

    Chapter 4 – Budget summary

    BBQfun 2012/13 Approved budget by activities to be undertaken


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    udget by activities to be undertaken

    Chapter 5Operational plan

    Chapter 6 – Description of operations

    Chapter 7 – Organisational risk register

    Chapter 8– Marketing plan

  • Executive Summary:
  • BBQfun was established in 2009 by its current CEO, Pat Mifsud. BBQfun offers an extensive product range, incorporating both local and imported goods.

    BBQfun steadily increased market share and profitability to 2010 when sales peaked at $10 million. Since 2010, the increasingly competitive retail environment, technological change, changes in consumer buying patterns and confidence has led to disappointing sales. However, BBQfun intends to return to healthy sales of $11 million in 2012 through building on its organisational strengths. Organisational strengths will be built through targeted marketing strategies aimed at key segments and through exploiting marketing opportunities.

  • Situation Analysis:
  • BBQfun sees its moderate pricing, extensive and high-quality product range, great customer service, and product guarantees as key offerings to gain traction with a market dominated by low-quality providers.

    The basic market need is for quality, fashionable and unique outdoor lifestyle items that fulfil the house-proud needs of our target market.

    2.1 Market summary

    BBQfun uses market data from various sources, including private sources and ABS statistical data to better understand potential customers, their specific needs, and how BBQfun can better communicate with them.

    Market characteristics

    The profile for the potential BBQfun market consists of the following geographic and demographic characteristics.

  • Overview Southeast Queensland area:
  • high population growth of 5% per year
  • new homes and renovated homes growing from a base of 50,000 per year
  • low unemployment of 4.7%.
  • Geographic:
  • our immediate geographic target is the area of Brisbane with a population of 2,000,000
  • a 30 km geographic area is the average store market footprint
  • the total targeted population is estimated at 450,000.
  • Demographics:
  • male and female
  • ages 20–50
  • high percentage of young professionals who work in the central business district
  • high percentage have completed undergraduate/postgraduate study
  • an average household income of over $70,000.
  • Market needs

  • Selection – a wide choice of options.
  • Accessibility…
  • ...

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