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Assessment Task 1


In this first part I have to write about my inspiration that achieve my plan and all the process by step.

Executive Summary

I will write a summary of this plan should be including



-Generated idea



1.0 Introduction

This report is written on 03/05/2017 which is based on survey about how Moortown Sports and leisure center operate with the help from clients, committee members’ observation, by interview with the staff who work in center, survey and feedback form collected from residence and consultation with key stakeholders to analyze, generate ideas, research and plan to improve our center and make it better for all.

This report is containing marketing and promotions of sport center, operational structure of center and some recommendations. By writing this report, we are taking survey from all the possible ways to grab the possible outcome about this center and yet success to find out too much of new information about the Moortown sports and leisure center. All the important information that found will be added into thid report to make this center more successful and useful for all peoples.

  • Overview of the company
  • The opening hours of Moortown sports and leisure center are from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. However the peak time of this center only fall on certain period, which are Monday to Friday from 12 p.m.-2p.m.; 8am-2pm on Saturday. This center is staffed by casuals and mostly are from Moortown University students and they are assigning to different position or role such as staff in bar of café, life guard, holiday program leaders, umpire, reception etc. Moreover, there are five full time staff currently working on Moortown Center. The reception of Moortown sports and leisure center is the busy place of this center because sports clothing, health supplements, massage oils are also sold at reception with big demand there is a drinks fridge at reception for all students &members.

  • Clubs & Program of Center
  • Moortown sports and leisure center is legally have licensed but unfortunately they are 65% of community are unaware of any program that center provided,35 % are aware of two or fewer programs and only 5 % are aware of more than two programs. There are 13 clubs which are using this center but only 2 % of residents of Moortown use this center. The 13 clubs are:

  • Moortown Basketball club
  • Moortown Soccer Club
  • Moortown Athletics
  • Moortown Handball Club
  • Moortown Volleyball Club(NEW)
  • Lake Moortown Rowers
  • Moortown Cricket club
  • Central Cycling
  • The Moortown Climbers
  • Maulers Basketball club
  • MSCLC squash club
  • Moortown Bowlers
  • MSLC table tennis team
  • *Now center can’t fit for any new clubs. The most popular court of the center is pool and basketball.


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    *Now center can’t fit for any new clubs. The most popular court of the center is pool and basketball.

    1.3 Operational Structure

    The Moortown sports and leisure centre club is currently working underthis operational structure.

    01 – Administrator:

    Admin Department is the head of Moortown Sports & Leisure Centre andresponsible for Transport, .General discipline and finance depart. Of centre.

    02 – Management:

    Management is responsible to manage and organise all the events whichare held in centre, it’s also manage security of club.

    03 – Organiser:

    Event Organiser is responsible to held there event under the instructionsof management department.

    04 – Security:

    Security of centre and members is most important so the securitydepartment always alert and ready for any emergency assistance.

    05 – Club Owner’s:

    There are more than 10 clubs every club have their owner which irresponsible for club operational system.


    PAMS Analysis


    The purpose of this document is to review all opportunities that Moortown Sports and Leisure Centre have and identify which opportunities will be most suitable and effective for improving the company’s performance. It is important because it is great for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of Moortown Sports and Leisure Centre and to develop the correct strategies and plans for improvement.


    The audience will definitely be Moortown Sports and Leisure Centre and all stakeholders who will be impacted by the changes to Moortown Sports and Leisure Centre’s strategy. All staff and managers will benefit from knowing which opportunities will be most beneficial and effective. The managers need to know what and why each opportunity is good and the staff will need to know how to implement each strategy to achieve the best performance.


    The message must be clear and concise. Each analysis of opportunities must be clearly communicated to the stakeholders. They must understand their responsibilities and tasks to improve their performance.

    The message will contain information about the majority of opportunities and which opportunities will be most suitable for improving the performance of Moortown Sports and Leisure Centre.


    A style guide demonstrates a company’s commitment to quality by establishing good and consistent writing. Writing superior work boosts sales opportunities, the security of contracts and the persuasion of the audience.

    New employees review the style guide to understand the company’s communication style and recognize the company’s voice in its industry. In addition, a supervisor’s time spent training is reduced with the employee generating a written document. This allows her to continue other activities.


    Brain Storming


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