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Assessment Task 1

AQWA Organization Profile

AQWA the Aquarium of Western Australia is a privately owned aquarium in Hillarys, Western Australia. AQWA was Australia’s largest aquarium when it opened and still possesses Australia’s largest single aquarium and walk-through underwater tunnel. The aquarium opened on 13 April 1988 as Underwater World, Perth. It was acquired by the current owners, Coral World International and Morris Kahn, in 1991, and changed its name to AQWA The Aquarium of Western Australia on 1 January 2001.

Reflecting our Western Australian theme, everything in AQWA can be found in the State’s oceans. In addition, everything within our displays is living – including the incredible complex marine environments and coral!

There are over 40 stunning exhibits including one of the largest living coral reef exhibits in the world and AQWA’s shipwreck coast – Australia’s largest aquarium. It is also the 10th largest in the world! In total AQWA holds over 4 million liters of water and is home to over 4,000 fish.

AQWA’s great southern coast – Venture into the icy waters of the Southern Ocean and come face to fin with intriguing creatures such as sea dragons and pineapple fish.

AQWA’s shipwreck coast – Surround yourself with sharks, stingrays and turtles in Australia’s largest walk through aquarium. Travel beneath 3 million liters of Indian Ocean water as you have a close encounter with 4 meter sharks, huge stingrays, turtles and hundreds of stunning fish.

AQWA’s Perth Coast – Explore Perth’s amazing coastline of ancient reefs and sandy bays. Be mesmerised by moon jellyfish, discover an octopus and see how fish view the reef.

AQWA’s far north coast – Explore one of the world’s most remote regions, home to dangerous marine animals and colorful tropical lagoons. Smile at a crocodile, see creatures up close and immerse yourself in beautiful tropical displays.

AQWA’s DANGERzone – Face a deadly line up of marine creatures that can sting, bite or wrap their prey with suckered arms to immobilise or even kill! The DANGERzone is an eye-opening exhibit of Western Australia’s most dangerous marine life and is not to be missed.

AQWA’s Marmion Marine Park – Interact with live animals at the touch pool, then visit stingray bay and relax by a coastal lagoon.


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AQWA’s coral reef – Overlook a living coral reef then travel from the shore to the bottom of the sea in AQWA’s Underwater Gallery.

Entry Prices &Special Offers :

Terms & Conditions of Entry

– Children 15 years or under must be accompanied by a responsible adult, parent or guardian.

– AQWA is a licensed venue and as such no alcohol can be brought onto the premises

Target audience profile:

A) Demographic Profile:

AQWA and Reef walker is major destination regarding young children and younger persons since they’re keener associated with voyage and when all of us view in the significant other reputation then there will be most of betrothed persons grow older coming from 25 to be able to 45 simply because they bring his or her young children with him or her. We all move to revenue then we are able to identify that price regarding tank and deep sea walker seriously isn’t too high so anybody by having typical revenue can afford it.

B) Geographic Profile:

Of the States and Territories, Western Australia has the greatest area, covering 2 529 875 km2, with a border length of 1862 km and a coastline length of 20 871km. Western Australia borders the Northern Territory and South Australia to the east, and accounts for 33% of the continent. Western Australia is approximately ten times the size of New Zealand. Sunshine for an average of nine hours a day, with a total of 131 perfect blue-sky days every year. That officially makes it the sunniest territory Australia, with one of the most enviable outdoor lifestyles in the world. So people from different countries come here to enjoy long sunny and warm days.

C) Psychographic profile:

Western Australia is multicultural continent. People migrated to WA with different background and they settled down there so they have families. This is a possibility of more interest in adventure and fun with families. Surveys conducted relates to income shows that an average income of a full time adult is $1500 per week which is quite good and they also spend on adventure and fun.

Design and copy of aspects the advertising (message, colours, and themes):

Color is an element of visual language that people process before they are consciously aware of it. It ‘pops out’ at viewers in the early stages of vision. Because color is a potent element of visual communication. For our brochure we can use our aquarium theme and provide discount codes on the brochure. We can make a video based on our aquarium and post it on social media like Facebook and YouTube.

Strategic associations to enhance the message:

As for associates in Western Australia, we can use newspapers, hotels or motels and travel agencies to spread our message to potential customers. ...

Last updated: Sep 2023

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