6060 assessment 1(revised)




6060 assessment 1(revised)


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    6060 assessment 1(revised)
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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    1. Abstract3

    2. Introduction3

    3. Concepts of discontinuities and megatrends3

    3.1. Discontinuities3

    3.2. Megatrends4

    3.3. Relations and Differences between discontinuites and megatrends4

    4. Discontinuities and Megatrends in strategic management process4

    5. CEOs roles in responding to these change situations5

    6. Case study to Alibaba – How Jack Ma respond to changeable situation6

    7. Conclusion7

    8. References8

  • GSBS 6060
  • Assessment 1: Individual Research Written Paper
  • Abstract
  • Rapid, volatile, discontinuous change is an inherent component in any business, especially in today’s global economic environment. Strategic management nowadays plays an important role for each company, helping the whole company to anticipate future problems and opportunities, providing top management leaders and employees with clear objectives and directions (strategic planning), and resulting in better outcomes, more effective performance (implementation) and greater future. As well as CEOs could maximize its resources and grow its company by using strategic management appropriately and immediately.

  • Introduction
  • In this essay, two main concepts “discontinuities” and “megatrends” are discussed and compared. Firstly, discontinuities refer to those unpredictable changes in today’s global environment, it is inevitable and we can’t control. While megatrends means the future trend in a certain industry, this is a continuously changing process and finally become a big change. Both of them are important to CEOs when they are making business decisions. Although these two concepts are closely correlated, there are some differences between them. In the following part, “Discontinuities” and “megatrends” is analyzed within in a strategic process. Then, I will use Alibaba as an example which is a successful case to show how CEO can deal with changes and help company to grow.

    3. Concepts of discontinuities and megatrends

    3.1 Discontinuities

    In business environment, discontinuities means the unpredicatable changes or sudden change which people are unforeseen...

    6060 assessment 1(revised)
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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