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Assessment 3

Guidance session Role Play (For Manager):

HR Business Partner (Brisbane Branch)-Good afternoon, how do you do it? 

Leasing manager – Good afternoon, sir. I’m all right.

HR– I learned about the problem of lease staff. Tell me in depth about the problem and how can I assist you?

Rental Manger– Sir, the issue is with a lease department worker who is dissatisfied with the organization’s fresh business plan to close the lease department owing to ongoing failures. This scheme has created anxiety among staff about their job losses and unsafe futures. The problem has become severe as the worker is indented to generate a union strike with respect to the completion as well as the organization’s billing system. The other problem among staff is about the organization’s low-payment system. They feel the organization doesn’t pay enough compared to other organizations. Employees are extremely unhappy with the transfers and can bring any damaging action against the organization. I am quite frightened that a strike would damage our credibility.

HR– Ok. The problem is certainly very severe, but I would like to tell you that the restructuring of the organization is not indented to shoot any of the lease staff, rather we had intended to provide lease staff with adequate preparation for other company operations. This is a significant component of our strategy for retaining staff and minimizing fresh hiring costs.

As far as billing problems are involved, according to the Modern prizes the organization is already billing. I am also pleased to inform you that, according to the enterprise bargaining scheme, all staff will receive a stronger salary in the close future. I’m confident it’s excellent news for all the staff. Rental manager- This is excellent news for all the organization’s staff. I’m confident that this press will assist with employee retention. I will also publish the data you have just given to prevent any type of employee attacks.

HR Manager– I expect that your problems are solved now and that the scenario can manage well.

Rental manager– Yes, you know, mister. I’m soothed. The fresh business plan for our organization would surely be fruitful.

Implement processes and systems to manage difficulties

Tracking management enable users in organisations to generate articles to track and manage their internal difficulties.

Notifications are sometimes thought to discourage employees from being productive. However, the right notifications can lead to more relevant, useful updates for users.

Training manager features can help intranet users create and register for courses or training days. Including this feature within an intranet encourages personal and professional development, and leads to employees gaining new skills which they can put into practice in the organisation.


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velopment, and leads to employees gaining new skills which they can put into practice in the organisation.

Procedures for conflict resolution

  • Clarify what the disagreement is. Clarifying involves getting to the heart of the conflict. The goal of this step is to get both sides to agree on what the disagreement is.
  • Establish a common goal for both parties. In this step of the process, both sides agree on the desired outcome of the conflict.
  • Discuss ways to meet the common goal. This involves listening, communicating, and brainstorming together.
  • Determine the barriers to the common goal. In this step of the process, the two parties acknowledge what has brought them into the conflict and talk about what problems may prevent a resolution. For the items that cannot be changed, discuss ways of getting around those road blocks.
  • Agree on the best way to resolve the conflict. Both parties need to come to a conclusion on the best resolution. Start by identifying solutions that both sides can live with. Ask both sides and see where there is common ground.
  • Acknowledge the agreed upon solution and determine the responsibilities each party has in the resolution. Both sides need to own their responsibility in the resolution of the conflict and express aloud what they have agreed to.
  • Relevant legislation

    Fair Work Act

    The Fair Work Act 2009 (FW Act) requires that all modern awards include a term which sets out a procedure for resolving disputes between employers and employees about any matter arising under the modern award and the National Employment Standards (NES). Every modern award contains a dispute resolution clause.

    Anti-discrimination legislation.

    Laws protect people from discrimination or harassment in the workplace, based on their age, race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin, sex, pregnancy, marital status or disability.

    Action Plan

    Implement processes and systems to manage difficulties

    Procedures for conflict resolution

    Relevant legislation


    The above operations obviously illustrate the significance of keeping relationships within an organization between the workforce and efficient employee relationships. JKL sector is facing countless problems of communication, workplace relations and grievances of staff, etc. These problems are solved as an organization manager through proper action schemes, networking policies.


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    Last updated: Sep 2023

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