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A3 Template

Digital Marketing GSBS6014

Digital Marketing Plan THE ICONIC

Trimester 3, 2015

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Executive Summary

THE ICONIC aims to become the number one online shopping destination for Australia as well as other oceanic countries. In order to do so, the company must invest heavily in marketing and ultimately execute a marketing strategy that attracts customers and boosts market awareness. This marketing plan will highlight the key digital-marketing elements and strategies that were considered and reviewed for THE ICONIC.

The marketing plan will focus on exploring the current marketing situation for the company, SMART objectives and issues, potential E-marketing strategies and action. Furthermore, the marketing plan will provide general information about the budgeting plan and monitoring plan to evaluate and control the performance.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 100 words4

2 Company Background 100 words4

3 Current Marketing Situation 800 words4

3.1 Market and Customer Description5

3.2 Competitor and Partner Analysis5

3.3 Situation Analysis5

4 Overall and S.M.A.R.T. Objectives and Issues 500 words5

5 E-Marketing Strategies 1200 words6

6 E-Marketing Mix Action Programs 800 words6

7 Budget 200 words6

8 Evaluation and Control 300 words7


A3 Template
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9 References7

10 Appendices7

1 Introduction 100 words

Just a decade ago, the internet was still a place of the unknown and its opportunities were inconceivable. People were hesitant to type in their contact details and thus why so many people doubted the possibility of online shopping with credit cards and banking details. The development of the smart phone was a significant contributor to the success of online websites such as eBay, ASOS, Oz Sale as well as THE ICONIC.

This report was written by THE ICONIC highlighting key features of the company, the marketing situation, objectives and general strategy to improve performance and overcome issues. Rocket Internet AG first established THE ICONIC in 2011 and has since then allowed the website to grow to become one of the leading e-retailers in Australia. Even though the website has become so successful and the marketing strategies have been effective, the website and company still has numerous opportunities for improvement and development. This report will highlight these opportunities for the Iconic and will state the key strategies to implement within the next year.

2 Company Background 100 words

Brief company profile, has to contain website address, please do not just copy from A1 or website, screenshot of front page for appendix

3 Current Marketing Situation 800 words

Background information on the market, product, competition, distribution and the macro environment as part of a situation analysis (SWOT).

3.1 Market and Customer Description

Defines the market and major segments – Reviews/analyses the target customer (e.g. needs, product use, shopping behaviour) and factors in the marketing environment that may affect customer purchasing

3.2 Competitor and Partner Analysis

Identifies the main competitors (see A1+2) and online partners and assesses their market positions and marketing mix strategies – Includes competitive intensity and competitive barriers

3.3 Situation Analysis

Environmental analysis (e.g. P.E.S.T. factors specific to the digital environment) that identifies key/relevant factors – Brief SWOT analysis based on the entire Situation Analysis

Use table similar to purple / orange-blue-green one in Week 4 slides (p.25-26)

Write a paragraph about the top 2 strengths/weaknesses and how they link to the picked 2s, list all in table follow table SWOT

5 in each SWOT box

Use www.similarweb.com to compare to competitors, e.g. if a potential strength is a strong brand lots of direct traffic and the search volume can be proof

4 Overall and S.M.A.R.T. Objectives and Issues 500 words

Financial Objectives

The company is determined to make large amounts of profit due to the poor sales performance in the first year of operating. In the first year, the company had a loss of roughly $41 Million, causing panic and distress for the owners of Rocket Internet. The company has since then cut the number of staff down and invested almost $100 million in the growth of the website. The company is now replanning the marketing strategies and opportunities available in order to increase sales and profits. The company has planned to reach a profit of $20 Million within the next year and…


A3 Template
Last updated: Sep 2023

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