aAssessment2_BCS1 40% Project T216




aAssessment2_BCS1 40% Project T216

Answer the requirements thoroughly. The trainer will give you further instructions in completing this project. This is a group project with a maximum of 5 members in each group.

Part 1 – Discussion Questions (10 marks)

General Instructions: To complete the tasks of PART 1, you will have to research any two real organisations that are providing product after sales or providing services. First of all you will need to mention the name of the two organisations.

  • Provide 2 customer satisfaction questionnaires from both companies. Explain the importance of customer satisfaction questionnaire. (2 marks)
  • (Insert your 2 questionnaires here. Type your explanation after the scanned documents.)

  • Does someone who works in these two organisations that doesn’t deal with customer or the public have an obligation to customers/customer service? Why or why not? (2 marks)
  • (Type your answers here)

  • Research a customer service charter of one of the organisation. Explain how employees from this company are supposed to treat customers. Why is service charter important for the business? (2 marks)
  • (Type your answers here)

  • Assume you work in the service area of any of the organisation that you have listed. Describe the steps to take if a customer tells you about a problem he or she has experienced with the organisation. (2 marks)
  • (Type your answers here)

  • Think yourself as a customer and think of an occasion when you made a telephone call to an organisation (similar to your listed organisations) because of a complaint about their product/service. Explain the product’s faults and describe how the call or the problem was handled. (2 marks)
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    aAssessment2_BCS1 40% Project T216
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    Part 2 – Case Study Analysis (10 marks)

    The Local Newsagent

    In Laura’s community there is only one newsagent. It stocks a large range of goods and is well laid out and clean. Laura runs a small business from her home and finds herself popping into the newsagent’s at least once a week. Her purchases range from $3 to $15 most weeks.

    Despite the fact that she is in there so frequently, the owner never appears to recognise her. The owner is always business-like and efficient, however, and always gives the correct change. Laura doesn’t particularly enjoy going there, but there is no other newsagent so close to home.

    Then that changed. Another newsagent opened at the other end of the main row of shops. It is equally convenient for Laura to go there, so she called in the next time she needed stationery supplies. The woman greeted her and introduced herself as Chris, asking whether she could help Laura find anything in particular. ‘No thanks, I’ll just have a look around first,’ Laura replies.

    Laura concluded that, although the shop isn’t quite as well stocked as the other one, it will easily supply her needs. She paid for what she wanted and thanked Chris, who cheerfully said, ‘Thanks. See you next time!’

    Laura now purchases all her stationery needs from the second newsagency. She enjoys going in there and having a quick chat with Chris while she browses and picks up supplies. Laura’s expenditure now averages between $7 and &22.


  • Although Laura shopped at the first newsagent regularly, was she loyal? Do you think the first newsagent confused ‘satisfaction’ or even ‘nowhere else to go’ with loyalty? Why is this dangerous for a business? How would you advise the first newsagent to proceed if she is to retain her customer base? In your answer, include a discussion on meeting the psychological needs of customers. (2 marks)
  • (Type your answers here)

  • What opportunities are there in a newsagency to provide sensational moments of truth?
  • (2 marks)

    (Type your answers here)

    Keeping Customers Satisfied

    Shelly Sanders has just been promoted to supervise the home furnishings department of the large department store where she works. When she was promoted, the store manager made it clear to her that she…


    aAssessment2_BCS1 40% Project T216
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