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ABC ass 1

Part 1 – Report

  • Introduction
  • Leaders are always looking for a new benefit, program, or strategy to increase employees’ performance and productivity. But new research has revealed that there is something that can trump incentives like company cruises or gourmet lunches.

    Company needs to be serious about reducing risk and diversifying its revenue stream, but it doesn’t have to leave out human decency when dealing with employees. Steve Schroeder, founder and CEO of Chicago-based packaging company Creative Werks, told Seppala that his company focuses on professional perks and emotional well-being. He provides job training, professional development, and bonuses, but also makes sure his employees are happy.

    ABC company is has employees which are performing well and performing badly and it is important that the company manages the performance of all staff. Rewarding good performance and minimising poor performance is a way of improving the overall performance of staff.

  • Overall Performance Management system of ABC System

    Policy Statement

    The work environment should be suitable for all employees to perform to the best of their abilities. This should include consulting with employees to allocate work and resources, providing effective training and coaching

    Policy Objective

    To make sure employees understand their performance standards, organisational goals, code of conduct. This policy can make sure performance of employees maintain operational standards. It also helps to allocate work properly within group of employees by selecting the right people for the right job.


  • Managers provide clear statement of goals and performance standards to all their respective staff
  • Both managers and other staff should work together to set performance goals according to company’s goal
  • Work allocation would be based on qualification and experience of staff
  • Performance standards should be documented, and employee performance rated on a scale that clearly shows whether performance is acceptable.
  • Staff should be notified about required performance for each job prior to the commencement of the work.
  • Managers would provide support services to all their staff collaborating with HR department.
  • Resources must be allocated with the consultation of staff during work allocation.
  • Alignment between business goal and performance management system
  • Performance management systems enable organizations to automate and optimize their performance processes and align employee development and goals with corporate objectives. This field guide will explore five critical steps to ensure that you get the most out of your workforce performance management investments.

    Step 1: Calibrate performance ratings across the organization. Use Ratings Distribution Management (RDM). Also called ratings calibration, this gives you the ability to calibrate ratings to ensure that the dissemination of performance scores is more consistent across an organization.

    Step 2: Consider whether the performance management system and associated RDM functionality flexible enough to support different ratings scales and models.

    Step 3: Link performance processes to career development and learning While the output of the performance management process is a finalized performance review between a manager and his/her direct report, the process also identifies employee skill, competency, and behavior gaps.


    ABC ass 1
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    ning While the output of the performance management process is a finalized performance review between a manager and his/her direct report, the process also identifies employee skill, competency, and behavior gaps.

    Step 4: Select educational and training activities as developmental goals in the performance management system to improve skills, competencies, and behaviors.

    Step 5: Drive continuous improvement by leveraging workforce analytics Traditional transactional reporting and spreadsheet-based tools have been available to HR for many years.

  • How performance management was conducted in the company
  • Strong executive sponsorship, open communication, change management, and training are among some of the initiatives that can assist in this process. The process involves planning, Coaching and Appraisal.


    Involves finding ways of using the scarce resources such as time, money and energy to achieve the organizational objectives. This includes setting clear objectives and providing the necessary ingredients for achieving such objectives, like giving incentives and training.


    giving the necessary support to employees which include good leadership practices like mentoring, giving timely feedbacks a providing support where needed.


    This is where the pre-defined goals are assessed to see whether individuals as well as management have been successful in achieving of such goals. The table below show how ABC, ABC and Statoil use performance management to align individual objectives and company objectives to achieve successful operation

  • Formal and informal feedback procedure
  • Positive Feedback

    This applies where the person has performed well. You use it to highlight why or how the job was done well, how it linked to expected outcomes or behaviours. Use it to reinforce good performance.

    Developmental Feedback

    This applies where a person has not performed / behaved in line with expectations. You use it to highlight where and why performance was not up to expectations and explore how they might do it better next time. Use it as a positive way of improving future performance.

    Ask – tell- ask

  • Ask employee for self assessment
  • Tell them the behaviour/performance you observe and how it differs
  • Ask employee how they think they could improve
  • Sandwich

  • Praise for their strengths and areas of good performance
  • Tell them the behaviour/performance you observe and how it differs from their expectations
  • Praise their ability to adapt and modify and use examples where they have adapted and modified behavior in the past.
  • Bridge

    Connecting concepts together from past to future, focusing on:

  • Past positive behaviour/performance
  • Present observed behaviour/performance
  • Future behavior/performance expected
  • Performance documents for individual…
  • ...

    ABC ass 1
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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