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Manage People Performance

Performance Management System


A performance plan is a good way to improve the performance of a employee, team of employees and the whole organisation. It is a good way to identify the problems of a lack in performance and can be used to find ways of solving these problems. It is a systematic way or analysing the performances of a employee and if a very standard operation in an organisation.

It should be used for Organisations which have found a problem in performance from a team or individual employee. It will usually mean that an employee will be replaced, trained or their work and pay will be reduced.

Overall Performance Management System

The overall performance management system of ABC is quite poor. Although staffs are not performing, it is not good to terminate the staff’s employment without any notice or warnings. Allex needs to be warned before being terminated. There is also a lack of training which could resolve Allex’s problem.

Manager provides employee with a performance management system/process: clear statement of goals and objectives; the provision of feedback on individual performance against the set objectives; and. specified period for the set objectives to be achieved.


Evaluate Goals

Make sure that your team is constantly relating tasks and procedures to follow the organisations goals. Following the organisation’s goals will ensure that the team is on target with tasks and procedures. Team goals must always be evaluated. Team goals must be similar or relating to the organisational goals. If it is not even related, there is a big chance that the team is not fulfilling the organisation’s needs making customers complain more often.

Also reviewing the goals and analysing which teams haves progressed more to achieving these goals will show which teams are performing better. The same can be done for individual employees. Employees that are not motivated in fulfilling the organisation and team goals will perform less effectively and efficiently. Finding the weaker team member is much easier when you can see who is performing better towards achieving goals.

How performance management was conducted

The performance management was very effective. The staff which were performing will were identified and the staff which were underperforming were also identified. Allex was identified as a low performing staff and will soon get a suitable and appropriate punishment.

The aim of managing performance is to continuously improve the performance of individuals and that of the organisation. It involves making sure that the performance of employees contributes to the goals of their teams and the business as a whole.

Good performance management helps everyone in the organisation to know:

  • what the business is trying to achieve
  • ......

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    what the business is trying to achieve

  • their role in helping the business achieve its goals
  • the skill and competencies they need to fulfil their role
  • the standards of performance required
  • how they can develop their performance and contribute to development of the organisation
  • how they are doing
  • when there are performance problems and what to do about them.
  • Formal and informal feedback

    Meet Managers

    Managers will have the best advice is ways of finding and handling problems. Managers will have a lot of experience in dealing with problems and will usually know the common reasons for a team to perform worse and cause more complaints than other teams. A Manager will be the best place to find ways of fixing problems as well. I should not feel guilty or feel responsible for the complaints but use them for encouragement for improvement and developing my team. I should also create a meeting with all the managers or team leaders to see the differences in operations and procedures.

    Survey all the team members

    The team members may have the best idea of what is going wrong in the operations and procedures of the team. The problems may not be with the employee performances but equipment performances or environment. These people will have direct knowledge of what is happening with the customers and what they are complaining about.

    Performance documents

    Performance evaluations

    Employee performance evaluations and progressive discipline go hand in hand as tools supervisors and managers can successfully use to correct behavior, motivate employees, and set employee goals. Generally, most employers conduct written performance reviews annually or semi-annually. However, all companies should consider conducting unscheduled reviews if changes occur in an employee’s performance or duties.

    Employee documentation includes electronic documents, such as e-mail

    Not so long ago, document retention meant maintaining the proper printed materials that might be needed in case of a lawsuit or charge filed with a government agency. Today, businesses have to worry about not only paper documents, but electronic ones as well, such as e-mail. Those electronic documents may also be residing in places you might not think about, such as your supervisors’ hand-held digital devices.

    Usage of Documentation

    Use the performance appraisal document periodically, at least quarterly, throughout the year to assess employee progress. The performance appraisal document is a useful discussion starter. It consolidates employee performance information in one spot. The performance appraisal document provides a running record of employee performance discussions all year. It provides a picture of the employee’s accomplishments and progress throughout the year.

    Provide feedback to employees regularly – not just in the annual performance appraisal. Employees like regular feedback (particularly millennial employees) and an effective manager takes time every day for employee feedback. Managers get more comfortable with feedback, better at giving feedback, and they nip problems before they become big.

    Engage the employees in a two-way discussion whenever their performance is the topic. You can improve performance appraisals by…


    ABC company mpp
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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