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Tourism is an incredibly large factor towards the nation’s economy and culture. The Absolute hotel is the one of famous 3 star hotel which have many branches around the world. The main customer is the teenager , low-medium income and the style of the hotel is modern style mix with the Arab but the decoration or feature of the hotel is individual and different from each countries. The hotel will make the customer feel like they are staying at home and we even have the share living room or kitchen room but the customer who want privacy room.we will offer them the private room that is including living room or small kitchen area in the room with separate area.

Description of product

Absolute hotel is a three star, full service hotel offering the following products and services:

Aim of research

The aim of this research is to identify what are the main factors that influence the customer’s selections and views on Absolute hotel. Specifically, the research will help identify why certain Absolute hotel have become so successful compared to other hotels and resorts, and the whether or not these factors can be used to improve the success and performance in other hotels and resorts.


The major objective of this research topic is to understand the consumer’s behaviour and analyse the consumer needs and expectations. Being able to understand how the consumers react to small details, and what the customers expect from the hotels and Resorts is very important knowledge for improving and adjusting to meet all consumer expectations. Thus, this research will ultimately, provide information about how hotels and resorts can improve their operations to provide the best level of service possible.

Growth of international tourism ( http://www.geographypods.com/ia-2013.html)

Source of Data

The purpose of data is to provide information that will assist interpretation and help find important information that can achieve the research objectives. The information is provided to ensure that an understanding of basic concepts that define the data including variables and classifications, underlying statistical methods and survey, focus groups, internet; and key aspects of the data quality. Direct access to questionnaires and surveys are also important to get direct feedback from consumers.

Secondary data

Secondary data is data that already exists. This is the information that has already been collected, data already obtained and put together for some purpose other than the research current need.

Internal sources of data

  • Sales record and sales analysis of hotels and Resorts
  • Marketing reports, reviews or analysis on past activity
  • Consumer data base
  • Complaints or reviews from the customers
  • Competitor information previously gathered
  • External source of data

  • The internet......

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  • The internet
  • Newspapers
  • Consumer magazines
  • Trade and professional associations
  • Primary data

    Primary data is collected specifically for the purpose of particular research project, to meet the set objectives of the research project. It is common for organizations to use external agencies to conduct primary research, data not assembled before. It is generally obtained by the researcher who usually forms a sample of respondents to collect and identify the required information of the research objectives.

    The most common types and methods of primary data are:

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Observation
  • Research Methods

    Exploratory research

    Exploratory Research is used when the researcher needs more information to determine the direction for a research project or to provide further insights. It is also implemented to discover or generate ideas, seek opinion, clarity problem or explore unique alternatives. Exploratory research is characterized by being unstructured and flexible such as qualitative focus groups or an in-depth interview. A focus group is a group of respondents usually between 10-20 people, who are guided through discussion by a moderator over a couple of hours. The researcher selects the group based on a specific demographics or characteristics which adhere to the information required.

    Focus groups are used for:

  • Seeking opinions of products, service, ideas
  • Exploring issues, opinions and ideas in depth
  • Test concepts, ideas, advertising, packaging
  • To source information for questionnaires
  • Descriptive research

    Descriptive research is used to provide an accurate description of a situation when looking for the facts of who, what, where type questions from quantitative research such as a survey or case study. Descriptive research can effectively obtain information which relates to variables and conditions of the research topic, and also can be used to identify any changes that have occurred over time.

    Surveys and questionnaire

    Surveys and Questionnaires are generally a series of questions, either in written form or interview. They are most commonly in a structured format, which effectively obtains information. Surveys and Questionnaires can be conducted several ways, including the following:

  • Ask the questions and receives answer in the shop
  • Door to door, at home
  • Shopping center
  • Any relevant location to the context (by telephone ,online, by mail)
  • The type of data obtained survey:

  • A person’s knowledge or awareness of the subject
  • Consumer preferences
  • Consumer opinions
  • Consumer Attitudes
  • Consumer Likes and dislikes
  • Consumer Buying behavior
  • Recording data about enterprise activities
  • ...

    Absolute hotel
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