Black Cockatoo Community Services recognises that staff need access to email systems and the internet to assist in the efficient and professional delivery of services. Black Cockatoo Community Services supports the right of staff to have access to reasonable personal use of the internet and email communications in the workplace.


This policy sets out guidelines for acceptable use of the computer network, including internet and email, by employees and volunteers of Black Cockatoo Community Services. Access to internet and email is provided to Black Cockatoo Community Services staff and volunteers for the primary purpose of assisting them in carrying out the duties of their employment.


Staff may use the internet and email access provided by Black Cockatoo Community Services for:

  • Any work and work-related purposes;
  • Limited personal use (for details see Procedures, below);
  • More extended personal use under specific circumstances (for details see Procedures, below).
  • Where staff use computer equipment or computer software at the premises of Black Cockatoo Community Services or use computer equipment or software belonging to Black Cockatoo Community Services, properly authorised staff of Black Cockatoo Community Services may access any data on that equipment to ensure that the organisation’s policies are being adhered to. Such data should not be regarded as under all circumstances private in nature.


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    Electronic media includes all electronic devices and software provided or supported by Black Cockatoo Community Services, including, but not limited to, computers, electronic tablets, peripheral equipment such as printers, modems, fax machines, and copiers, computer software applications (including software that grants access to the internet or email) and telephones, including mobile phones, smartphones and voicemail systems.


    It is the responsibility of the CEO to ensure that:

  • staff are aware of this policy;
  • any breaches of this policy coming to the attention of management are dealt with appropriately.
  • It is the responsibility of all employees and volunteers to ensure that their use of electronic media conforms to this policy.


    Limited personal use

    Limited personal use of computer, internet and email facilities provided by the organisation is permitted where it:

  • Is infrequent and brief;
  • Does not interfere with the duties of the employee or his/her colleagues;
  • Does not interfere with the operation of Black Cockatoo Community Services;
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    atoo Community Services;

  • Does not compromise the security of Black Cockatoo Community Services or of its systems;
  • Does not compromise the reputation or public image of Black Cockatoo Community Services;
  • Does not impact on the electronic storage capacity of Black Cockatoo Community Services;
  • Does not decrease network performance (e.g. large email attachments can decrease system performance and potentially cause system outages);
  • Corresponds to the procedures outlined in the Email Maintenance and Archiving Procedures document;
  • Conforms to the practices for file management and storage outlined in the Technology Procedures Manual;
  • Incurs no additional expense for Black Cockatoo Community Services;
  • Violates no laws;
  • Does not compromise any of the confidentiality requirements of Black Cockatoo Community Services;
  • Does not fall under any of the unacceptable use clauses outlined below.
  • Examples of what would be considered reasonable personal use are:

  • Conducting a brief online banking transaction, or paying a bill;
  • Sending a brief personal email, similar to making a brief personal phone call.
  • Permitted extended personal use

    It is recognised that there may be times when staff need to use the internet or email for extended personal use. An example of this could be when a staff member needs to use the internet to access a considerable amount of material related to study they are undertaking.

    In these situations it is expected that:

  • The staff member advise and negotiate this use with their manager beforehand in order to obtain the manager’s approval;
  • The time spent on the internet replaces all or part of a staff member’s break/s for that day, or that they adjust their timesheet accordingly for that day.
  • Access to electronic data

    Black Cockatoo Community Services may need to access any and all information, including computer files, email messages, text messages and voicemail messages. The organisation may, in its sole discretion, authorise its staff to inspect any files or messages recorded on its electronic media at any time for any reason. Where use of the organisation’s equipment or software requires the use of a password, this should not be taken to imply any right of privacy in the user. The organisation may also recover information that a user has attempted to delete, and staff should not assume that such data will be treated as confidential.

    Unacceptable use

    Staff may not use internet or email access (including internal email access) provided by BCCS to:

  • Create or exchange messages that are offensive, harassing, obscene or threatening;
  • Visit websites containing objectionable (including pornographic) or criminal material;
  • Exchange…
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