Activity 1-7




Activity 1-7

SITTTSL009A Process travel-related documentation

Class Activity 1

Travel-related documents

Answer Questions 1-7

  • List 6 various travel-related documents used by tourism professionals and demonstrate your understanding of what they are used for.
  • Transport Tickets
  • Tickets to show that you paid for transport

  • Passport
  • The most important travel document for travelling internationally. This is your identity

  • Visa
  • Visa grants you temporary or permanent permission to travel or stay in a country.

  • Travel Insurance
  • Insurance in required in case an accident or problem

  • Itinerary
  • The itinerary is a plan of the holiday.

  • Vouchers for Attraction Entries
  • This is to get discounts for entry

  • What types of transport services might you issue documentation for?
  • List 5 types.

  • Train
  • Bus
  • Plane
  • Ferry
  • Cruise
  • What are the five Government-owned railway systems operating In Australia?
  • Australian National Rail Services
  • Queensland Rail
  • State Rail Authority of NSW Country link
  • Public Transport Cooperation – victoria
  • Western Australia Government Railways
  • What form of transport could I recommend if a client required a transfer from Tullamarine Airport to a Melbourne city hotel?
  • SkyBus – this is the best option

    Also can catch taxi

  • Provide a quotation for the transport chosen and verify your source of information?
  • Prices

    Adult – one-way ($18)

    Adult – return ($30)

    Family 1 – one-way ($25)

    Family 1 – return ($43)

    Family 2 – one-way ($41)

    Family 2 – return ($70)

  • A customer wants a ski trip to Perisher for a weekend leaving on a Friday.
  • Which coach company would you choose?

  • The customer will also require ski gear. Which hire company would you recommend?
  • I suggest Murrays. This is the best and most common coach service in Australia. It is great prices and good service.

  • How can the customer pick up the ski gear without additional transport to and from the shop?
  • ......

    Activity 1-7
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    pick up the ski gear without additional transport to and from the shop?

    They can get the shop to deliver the ski gear to the customer.

  • If a client wanted insurance for a holiday to Thailand, which supplier company would you choose?
  • What are the terms and conditions for making a claim?
  • Travel insurance direct

    All insurance policies have exclusions. Unlike other insurers though, we want to highlight some of the things you probably won’t be covered for.

    Activity 2

    Answer Questions 1 & 2

    Coach/Bus Travel

    Coach, Rail and Airline tickets are sold to both passing traffic (known as “Walk- ins”) and regular customers. Imagine that you have a customer Mr Jenkins, who walked into your office to enquire about a coach from “Melbourne to Sydney. He would like to leave on the morning service. You do not have a computerised system. You therefore look in your greyhound timetable to find the relevant information.

    Found at:

  • Using the Greyhound link, find the relevant timetable to answer the following questions. Use today’s date or closest too.
  • If Mr Jenkins wanted a morning service, which service number would you assign him too?
  • GX903 – Super Express

  • What time does the service depart from Melbourne?
  • 07:30am

  • What time does this service arrive in Sydney?
  • 19:45

  • Can Mr Jenkins get off the service in Parramatta instead of the Sydney Terminal?
  • Yes

    If so, what time?


  • Mr Jenkins would like to know where the coach will be stopping for refreshment stops en-route. If so where and when would that occur?
  • Yes

    Albury North



    15:30 – 16:00

    Travelling by Rail

    Using the rail link below research the information for the questions below.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Use your research skills to find the correct information.

  • Can I travel on the rail service from Adelaide to Alice Springs on a Saturday?
  • No only on Wednesday

  • If I wanted to travel from Melbourne to Adelaide, on the Overland, what time would the train depart Melbourne?
  • Tuesday = 8:05am

    Saturday = 8:05am

  • What time would the train arrive in Adelaide
  • Tuesday = 5:53pm

    Saturday = 5:53pm

  • What is the name of the train that operates from Adelaide to Rockhampton?
  • Take…


    Activity 1-7
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