Activity 3




Activity 3

Activity 3

  • Conduct research on different types of organisational change and give examples of each type of change. Why is change necessary? Write 500 words report on the research.
  • 1. Strategic transformational change

    All changes will affect some aspects of a company, but not all changes are transformational.

    Minor modifications to existing tools or policies will influence but not completely redefine a business. Big changes, on the other hand, transform companies. Whether that transformation is positive or disastrous depends on the strategy used to make it.

    If you want serious results, you’ll need to do some serious planning. You need to identify what the ultimate goal is and then design a plan to achieve it. Preparation and ongoing change management are essential for implementing these large-scale types of organizational change.

    2. People-centric organizational change

    While all changes affect people, people-centric types of organizational change include instituting new parental leave policies or bringing on new hires.

    Even if you think employees will be excited by the change, an empathetic approach is key because emotional reactions are common. In fact, many change management models, such as the Kübler-Ross Change Curve and Satir Change Model, focus specifically on managing emotional reactions to change.

    3. Structural change

    Structural changes involve major shifts in the management hierarchy, team organization, and the responsibilities attributed to different departments, employees, or teams. These changes often overlap with people-centric changes as they directly affect most, if not all, employees.

    4. Remedial change

    Remedial changes are reactionary. This type of change occurs when a problem is identified, and a solution needs to be implemented. As these changes are designed to address an issue; they call for immediate action. Reactionary change may not be ideal, but it’s inevitable. The benefit of remedial change is that judging its success is quick and simple.

    Why is it necessary?

    Organizational change is a business necessity. Employees leave, and new employees are hired, new teams and departments are created as the company grows, and businesses adopt new technology to stay ahead of the curve. The key to successful, productive organizational change is the way you manage it. It’s vital to keep employees in the loop and ensure that they understand what the changes are and how employees will be affected.

    With effective organizational change management, you can keep the business running smoothly during the transition. For example, offering training options helps employees learn new technology faster. That way, they fully adopt the technology, and the organizational change isn’t bogged down by support tickets and frustrated users.

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    Activity 3
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  • Reflect on the following:

    learned in class this week (concerning Organisation change and personal efficacy)

    Different types of Organisational Change

    Importance and strategies for organisational change

  • Areas you found enjoyable this week
  • I enjoyed the researching of organisational change and personal strategic change.

    I also enjoyed learning about how different companies use different ways to manage change.

    Team and group work was also very good.

  • Areas you found challenging (must be at least one challenge)
  • I found it challenging to remember all the information that was taught.

  •  For at least one challenge identify a resource (reading or video) to help you to overcome the challenge.
  • There were a lot of information on the internet. I had to make notes to help me remember all the information.

  • Discuss your main learnings from the resource and how it has benefited you / helped you to overcome that challenge
  • The resource taught me how to take notes effectively and efficiently.

  • The assessments that you need to complete for this unit. Start thinking about how you will prepare for this and the time management skills needed. Complete planning as necessary.
  • I will take a lot of notes during class or at home.

    I will study my notes and make sure that they are understood properly.

    I will also make sure that I have enough time to prepare.


    Activity 3
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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