Activity 4




Activity 4

A coaching program needs relevant management structures and wider support to be successful. The management’s structure, roles, and responsibilities must involve the management of coaching programs at various levels of the organisation.

For the role of a Coaching Champion, the responsibilities would include:

·           Be the ambassador for the program

·           Actively promote coaching program

·           Encourage individuals to participate in mentoring programs

And the outcomes would include:

·         Program reputation

·         Program awareness

·         Increases program participation

 Similarly explain the responsibilities and outcomes of following roles in an organisation:

 1.     Write the responsibilities and expected outcomes for the role of CEO Responsibilities

  • Establish the current competency or need
  • Agree to goals and boundaries
  • Provide opportunities to learn and talk
  • Set regular review points
  • Recap and set new goals

    2.     Write the responsibilities and expected outcomes for the role of  Human Resource and or Learning and Development Manager


  • Increasing their awareness of coaching and its benefits, and “buying in” to the concept and process;
  • Educating themselves on coaching concepts and tools;
  • Identifying their own coaching style and skill level, and learning to identify others’ preferences for being coached;
  • Practicing coaching using the best coaching tools and their own strengths; and continuously improving and installing their coaching competency through feedback and on-going coaching.

    3.     Write the responsibilities and expected outcomes for the role of  Program or project managers (sometimes this role and its responsibilities are integrated in human resources and learning and development function)

  •  Setting KPI’s
  • Training managers on providing feedback
  • Creating performance review documents
  • ......

    Activity 4
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    eating performance review documents

  • Establishing recognition programs
  • Providing support services
  • 4.     Write the responsibilities and outcomes for the role of Coaching program coordinator

     Motivational techniques to encourage the team to achieve objectives

  • Performance assessment including observations, completion of assessment tools
  • Providing feedback including conducting performance reviews
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • 5.     Write the responsibilities and outcomes for the role of Coaches

  •   Providing clear position descriptions upon employment and revising descriptions on a regular systematic basis to ensure relevance and currency
  • Issuing team members with key performance indicators to ensure they are clear on the expected
  • outcomes
  • Standard operating procedures or policies and procedures that outline clearly the organisation’s
  • expectations when carrying out specific tasks

     6.     Write the responsibilities and outcomes for the role of Coachee or trainee

  • Understand the assessment process and the areas their manager will be reviewing
  • Listen to feedback when provided
  • Attend coaching sessions
  • Attend performance review and input into the discussion
  • Carry out tasks as stipulated in their development plan
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    Activity 4
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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