Activity manage quality customer service




Activity manage quality customer service


explain the difference between internal and external customers. Give examples of both


Should internal customers receive the same service as external customers? Why?

Activity 1c

How dose product and service quality by supplier impact on the product/service quality offered to customer 

Activity 1d

why do you need to clearly understand customer needs 

Activity 2a

what is the purpose of a customer survey

Activity 2b

why is it necessary to collect feedback from customer ,suppliers and stakeholder 


Although the key indicator of Japanese marketing success in the motor vehicle manufacturing and other industries is their customer focus,thereare other contributing factors. What do you think they are 


briefly outline the way in which as service organisation of your choice uses market research to identify and pursue opportunities to enhance the quality of their service and product 


what are benefit of integrating market research finding into planning for quality service 

Activity 4a

why should manager provider opportunities for staff to participate in the development of customer service practices and what format those opportunities take 


outline the step involved in development policies 

Activity 5b

what consideration should be taken into account when assigning responsibilities in policy document 


use the internet to source a quality service or procedure from a service organisation review the policy and prepare a brief commentary 

A the intent of the policy B its links to regulation and other policy document help by the organisation C the scope of responsibilities covered in the policy D recommendations for improvements to the policy document 


the responsible service og alcohol aims to provide consumers with safer venues that are committed to practicing harm minimisation techniques 


Activity manage quality customer service
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onsible service og alcohol aims to provide consumers with safer venues that are committed to practicing harm minimisation techniques 

Activity 6b

research an organisation in the hospitality ,tourism or travel industry and develop a list the policies and procedures they have made available to customer and the method they have chosen to do this 


a number of strategies for monitoring the progress of achieving product and service target and standards have been discussed in the text. Which of these strategies dolour consider the most useful /why 


develop a questionnaire to identify the customer service training needs of worker responsible for administration in a hospitality ,travel or tourism business 


what should be considered when organising internal training for staff on customer service polices procedures and expectations 


research training provider suitable to deliver customer service training in your state /territory provide detail of one provider including their areas of expertise and justify why you would use this provider to deliver customer service training 


research two management roles in the hospitality ,travel or tourism industries and write a brief overview of service outcomes and dispute resolution responsibilities for each position .identify the skills ,knowledge and personal qualities required to manage service outcomes and dispute resolution for each position 


why is necessary for mangers to act as positive role models for professional standards expected of service industry personnel 


what is coaching 


what characteristics do you think a good mode or coach would have when have it come to developing team member professional service standards 


what are the benefits of seeking ongoing feedback from staff and customer and customer and using it to improve customer service performance 


analyse the result of a customer satisfaction survey from a service industry organisation of your choice. Use the survey results to access the effectiveness of the organisation’s customer service practices and identity any apparent systematic customer service problems. Prepare a brief report of your findings and recommendations. 


how can organisation decision to overcome problem and to adapt customer service product and service delivery


Activity manage quality customer service
Last updated: Sep 2023

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