Activity manage quality customer service-question




Activity manage quality customer service-question


explain the difference between internal and external customers. Give examples of both

External customers use a company’s products or services but are not part of the company. An external customer is an individual who enters the store and buys merchandise. Internal customers are members of an organization who depend on the assistance of one another to accomplish their job responsibilities. For example, a sales representative requires support from customer representatives to place an order.


Should internal customers receive the same service as external customers? Why?

Yes, internal customer should receive the same service as external customer according to the customer service standard. The customer need to get the same quality of service and get treat the same and fairly.Activity 1c

How dose product and service quality by supplier impact on the product/service quality offered to customer 

 Products and Services that meet or exceed customer expectations result in customer satisfaction. Quality is the expected product/service being realized. Products/services that are produced and manufactured to specifications that are appropriate to the price of the product/service is an operational or manufacturing view of quality. The customer receives the value that he or she expects since operations has built quality standards into the product.  However, quality is a function of how the customer views the product/service that he or she receives. The customer view always compares what they expect with what they actually receive regardless of how operations conceives quality

Activity 1d

why do you need to clearly understand customer needs  

To provide service quality that meets the needs and expectations of customers, it is necessary that everyone in the organisation understands that it is the customer who pays their wages. If the customer is not satisfied with the product/service you offer, there will always be a competitor who can provide what they need. Obviously, if all of your customers turn to your competitors

Activity 2a

what is the purpose of a customer survey

  • Fix any meaningful problems that have occurred for customers with the company’s products or service.
  • Assess the performance of its customer-facing units (retail locations, call centers, digital care team, etc.) and staff (salespeople, call center reps, etc.).
  • Improve its processes and standards for delivery.
  • Understand customers’ needs as they use the company’s products or services so the company can help them have a better overall experience.
  • Activity 2b

    why is it necessary to collect feedback from customer ,suppliers and stakeholder 

  • It can help improve a product or service
  • It offers the best way to measure customer satisfaction
  • It provides actionable insight to create a better customer experience
  • It can help improve customer retention
  • It delivers tangible data that can be used to make better business decisions
  • Activity3a

    Although the key indicator of Japanese marketing success in the motor vehicle manufacturing and other industries is their customer focus,thereare other contributing factors. What do you think they are 


    Activity manage quality customer service-question
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    tor of Japanese marketing success in the motor vehicle manufacturing and other industries is their customer focus,thereare other contributing factors. What do you think they are 


    briefly outline the way in which as service organisation of your choice uses market research to identify and pursue opportunities to enhance the quality of their service and product 

    Primary research

    Primary research gathers original information directly for your purpose, rather than being gathered from published sources. Primary research includes:

  • surveys
  • direct observations
  • interviews and focus groups that are developed and conducted by you or your researcher.
  • Secondary research

    Secondary research gathers existing information through available sources. Secondary research examples include:

  • information on the internet
  • existing market research results
  • existing data from your own stock lists and customer database
  • information from agencies such as industry bodies, government agencies, libraries and local councils.
  • Activity3c

    what are benefit of integrating market research finding into planning for quality service 

    Integrated marketing ties them all together under a single . Your marketing efforts will naturally have different objectives, but a unified strategy coordinates them so they work together to support larger goals.

    Just as important, it creates a cohesive identity for your business (your brand image) and a positioning that customers will recognize and relate to in any context. This should extend beyond traditional marketing to everything you do your sales, customer service and customer retention.

    Activity 4a

    why should manager provider opportunities for staff to participate in the development of customer service practices and what format those opportunities take 

    The staff are the first point of contact for the customers, so it is important that they need to :

  • have the right attitude
  • are well trained
  • enjoy their work
  • contribute to improvements
  • advocate your business.
  • Format

  • Record customer service standards and relate them back to business goals.
  • Include the best point-of-sale system.
  • Seek post-sale feedback from clients.
  • Establish a ..
  • Review  to ensure you employ the right front-line staff.
  • Acitvity5a

    outline the step involved in development policies 


    Activity manage quality customer service-question
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