Activity weekly 2




Activity weekly 2

Activity weekly 2

Q.1 Define the term organisational change management.

Organisational change management is the discipline that guides how we prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organizational success and outcomes.

While all changes are unique and all individuals are unique, decades of research shows there are actions we can take to influence people in their individual transitions. Change management provides a structured approach for supporting the individuals in your organization to move from their own current states to their own future states.

Q.2 How can change management benefit a company?

The focus of change management is to minimize resistance, increase awareness, knowledge, and adoption. The OCM process helps to increase the probabilities that the program will achieve all of its objectives and surpass its expected ROI.

The second benefit of organizational change management is that a project, program or organization initiative has a 72% probability of staying on or ahead of schedule with a well-defined change program.

The third benefit of change management is that a project, program or initiative has an 81% probability of being completed at a lower cost than was initially budgeted.

Q3Give a summary of the operations that may be impacted when organisational change management is needed

Organizational change management involves applying structured change methodologies to manage the people side of change. Changes can include new business processes, new systems and technology integration, mergers and acquisition integration, new products, expanding to new markets, new skills, new company vision and many more.

Q4. List and explain the requirements for a successful change management.

  • Awareness of the need for change
  • Desire to participate in and support the change
  • Knowledge about how to change
  • Ability to implement required skills and behaviors
  • Reinforcement to sustain the change
  • Q5 Why is change management difficult and what difficulties can be created for the organisational change management team?

    Lack of Proper Planning

    Without step-by-step planning, change in an organization is likely to fall apart or cause more problems than benefits. You need to understand exactly what changes will take place and how those changes will occur.

    Low Employee Morale

    In many instances, employees dislike change unless it is one that they have requested or lobbied for, which means that obtaining buy-in is a major barrier to change.

    Lack of Consensus

    If you fail to get everyone on board with corporate changes, you are likely to face barriers during the process. The decision to implement changes should come from the top level of the organization.

    Adopting New Technology


    Activity weekly 2
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    ting New Technology

    Technology has become the linchpin on which many businesses grow and thrive but it does have its challenges. One challenge is integrating new technology with your existing platforms in a way that doesn’t cause huge logistical issues. Another challenge is getting your staff up to date on how to use the new technology.

    Scenario: You are the CEO of a smart car company. Your target market is generation Y. Your business is transforming the way people can save the planet and that is by driving your smart car that operates on 100% solar energy!

  • Articulate a vision for your business.
  • The vision of this smart car company is to transform the way transportation industry by leading the industry to more sustainable and environmentally friend vehicles. The company is working its way towards a zero emissions future for motor vehicles.

  • What is your company’s mission, purpose and values?
  • Mission: the mission of this company is to design and manufacture electric vehicles.

    Purpose: the purpose of this company is to provide consumers with a zero-emissions future and build smart cars that are attractive and affordable.


    A Greener Future – sustainable alternatives to motor vehicles

    Innovation – always be innovating and solving real world problems

    Continuous Improvement – Plan, Do, Check and Act

    3. Outline your company’s objectives, plans and strategies.


  • Achieve a market share of 10% within 5 years
  • Develop a smart car that is attractive and reliable
  • Encourage other companies to focus on smart electric cars
  • Plan Strategies

    1. Build trust with customer reviews

    Reviews are probably the most effective automotive marketing strategy there is. 

    When it comes to automotive marketing, there is no better way to instill trust than to let your customers speak for you!

    2. Be at the top of the Google SERP

    70% of consumers researching cars turn to search engines first.

    While Bing might seem like the neglected cousin of Google, they do account for a section of the search market that typically attracts older folks—people who are probably more financially established and able to invest in expensive cars.

    3. Bid on competitor keywords

    It is a fierce and competitive world in automotive marketing, so being able to show up every time your competition does with compelling ad copy is key.

    4. Actively manage your negative keyword list

    For instance, imagine if you’re bidding on the keyword “affordable cars” and your ad appears for the search “toy cars,” and then a busy parent accidentally clicks. This is not only a waste of time for the parent, but it’s a waste of money for you!

    5. Adjust your campaign budgets based on car-buying trends



    Activity weekly 2
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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