Address Customer Need3




Address Customer Need3

Address Customer Needs

Assessment 3

Scenario 1

Wholesaler: Hi, How may I help you?

Customer: I would like to complain once again about your deliveries.

Wholesaler: I’m sorry, what seems to be the problem?

Customer: You people just don’t seem to be able to get things right.

Wholesaler: what do you mean by that?

Customer: When I placed my order last month, I stressed that the cakes had to be delivered before 10 am.

Wholesaler: when have the deliveries been made?

Customer: So far I have had five deliveries and only one was made in the morning. Twice I have run out of cakes for the lunchtime crowd and a couple of times I have felt that the cakes I had left were losing their freshness.

Wholesaler: I’m sorry hear that. I will talk to the delivery staff and also make sure that all cakes are prepared on time. This is unusual as we normally have very good customer service. I will make sure that the cakes are still fresh and satisfactory for your needs.

Customer: I would have preferred to have the new ones to offer. These late deliveries are costing me money!! I have spoken to the driver and rung twice about this matter and each time have been promised morning deliveries.

Wholesaler: okay I understand, I will let the manager know and he will ensure that your deliveries are fresh and delivered on time. If there are any other issues, I will personally be responsible and make sure that you are not disappointed.

Customer: My customers like your cakes, which is the only reason I haven’t cancelled the order but there are other places I can get nice cakes you know. Can I have the cakes by 10 am or not?

Wholesaler: Of course, I will assure you that the cakes will be delivered on time from now on. Sorry for your troubles.

Scenario 2

Hello, I am wanting to know why I am paying $1.40 per item, when my friend gets them for $1.00 each. You have been charging me too much for a long time now, and I want to know why.

Wholesaler: well that is unusual. However, there are many factors which could impact this price.


Address Customer Need3
Last updated: Sep 2023

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Customer: when I spoke with the owner, I was quoted this price. And my other friend was quoted a different price. Is this a joke? Why are you charging different prices.

Wholesaler: well one reason I believe could cause this is that your friend may be purchasing higher quantities.

Customer: what has this got to do with the price?

Wholesaler: well out pricing policies are very strict. For certain quantities we offer lower prices per item. For example if you are purchasing 1-50 items for $1.40 each, your friend may be purchasing 100+ items for $1.00 each.

Customer: Oh yes. This is correct. I’m currently only purchasing 30 items a week. He is purchasing 100 a week.

Wholesaler: yes this is the reason why you are being charged more per item. If you would like to increase your quantity, we would be more than happy to increase it for you.

Customer: no thank you, I was just very curious why my friend was getting the items so cheap.

Scenario 3

Customer: hi I would like to know why your cameras are much more expensive than other cameras from the main cameras like Nixon or Canon. The price is just too high

Wholesaler: well sometimes it is important not to only look at the price. Products, especially electronics can differ greatly in terms of processing power, features, simplicity, reliability and quality, etc.

Customer: A camera is not something that could be so complicated

Wholesaler: well actually, cameras used to be simple point and click tools, however nowadays, cameras have so many different features and with the technology increasing so fast, new models of cameras are being released regularly.

Customers: this still doesn’t explain why the prices are so high

Wholersaler: well some of these cameras are expensive because they come with a lot of features that other cameras don’t have, such as touch screen, very high optical zoom, megapixels, resolution, photo quality, performance, design, etc.

Customers: could your cameras actually be better in those areas?

Wholesaler: yes ofcourse, we offer the best quality cameras for camera experts.


Address Customer Need3
Last updated: Sep 2023

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