Part 1

Using the AH&B Student Salon, research the existing human resources policies and procedures.

Create a report including the following:

  • An overview of the salon operations
  • The student salon is used for the purpose of education and assessment of all student studying at Australian hair and beauty college

    Student will perform the following in the student salon

  • Practical course work required during their course
  • Skills assessment required during their course
  • Clients in the student salon will be :

  • Others students
  • Men
  • Women
  • We welcome :

  • Client feedback in the form of suggestions
  • Clients from all backgrounds
  • Clients who understand that it is a student salon and that treatment take longer.
  • Clients who understand that we are student
  • Clients who understand that sometimes we can get it wrong (ALTHOUGH NOT OFTEN)
  • Clients satisfaction the form of rebooking
  • Clients that understand all student need an opportunity hence AHBC ‘s policy on not requesting
  • A student but be happy with whatever student can attend to you on that day

    Client ‘s hair will be varied consisting of

  • Fine
  • Thick
  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Virgin hair
  • Coloured hair
  • Bleached hair
  • Chemically curled
  • Chemically straightened
  • All student will be appointed client that are suited to the required practical wok that they need to perform. E.g. if a student need to perform a blow dry , clients wishing to have a blow dry will be allotted to these students.

    Once a student has completed all the cooks, quizzes and manikin activities pertaining to a certain unit of competency, they will then be required to performance practical work on clients to hone their skills. This is known as practical evidence, and the students will receive feedback from educators about the skill performed.

    These services will include:

  • Shampooing
  • Scalp and hair treatments
  • Blow drying
  • Setting hair
  • Up styling
  • Braiding hair
  • Cutting hair
  • All aspects of colouring hair including semi-permanent colour, permanent colours, bleaching, foiling, streaking, colour correction, balliage.
  • Chemical curling hair
  • Chemical straightening hair
  • Recruitment, Selection and Induction


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    Recruitment, Selection and Induction

    Job Description

    The job description are important for giving the applicant information about what are need and expected from the applicant. It is important for the create of the job description to make sure that there is no comments that would discriminate any applicants. Any preferred option must be checked through the diversity policy.


    Every applicants will receive an application that only require information that relates to the skills talents of the hair dressing position. There will then be a short list, which is when many applicants are discarded only because of their skills and talents. This shortlist will have the candidates with the highest skills, knowledge and experience. The shortlist will then be invited for interviews.


  • At least 2 people on the interview panel
  • The details of the panel will be given to the applicant beforehand
  • Questions must only be asked for related information
  • Every candidate will receive a question about their eligibility for working in the hair salon.
  • Selection

  • All candidates will receive a score
  • The applicant with the best score will receive the position
  • The applicant that scores best will then be CRB checked for any problems that could occur
  • EEO – This is a national and state law which covers all of Australia. These laws are made to make the workplace a more discrimination and harassment free workplace. An employer has the most responsibility to ensure that the workplace follows all these rules and regulations set by the Equal Employment Opportunity policy.

    Job Description – the job description is a description of the roles and responsibilities of the vacancy. This is for the applicants to know what type of job it is and the skill required.

    Application process – apply, interview, decision process, approval, training, initiation.

    The documents that are required from the applicant would be:

  • Identification (passport, drivers license)
  • Name of contacts
  • Extra copies of the resume
  • Reference list
  • Graduation Certificates
  • Interviewing methodologies – same questions, no discrimination, notes taken.

    Advertising – must be direct, specific and attract only the people that are suited to the job.

    Training – the organisation must train the required skills and make sure that the applicant and ready for the job.


    All workers will go through specific training and coaching which will help the new employees understand the level of standard is required when dealing with customers hair and how to properly conduct each procedure.

  • A statement about the management of staff in relation to HR management
  • It is the educator’s job to implement the college code of practice, report to senior management of any student breaching general code of conduct. Educators must co deliver and asses in partnership according…


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