Administer Human Resource policy2




Administer Human Resource policy2

Activity: Create and implement resources policy for the AH&B Student Salon:

Part 1

(Approx. Word count 1000 words)

Using the AH&B Student Salon, research the existing human resources policies and procedures.

Create a report including the following:

  • An overview of the salon operations
  • Greeting clients at the salon desk and answering the salon phone:

    The reception desk must be clean and tidy at all times. Keep the salon desk environment. Any student at the reception desk must greet the client and ask if you can help them. Smile and speak clearly Once they you what they need let the salon manager know.

    You must verbally and non-verbally communicate with your clients. Turning your back on a client can seem rude. Always make eye contact and do not turn your back on a client.

    When the salon manager assigns a client to an AHBC student, the student must welcome their clients by salutation them at the salon reception desk and introducing themselves to the client. Tell the client your name and that you will be doing their hairdressing service. Once you have introduced yourself show your client through to the student salon and seat them at your client feels comfortable.

    When answering the student salon phone, you are to answer by saying: “Good Morning/Good afternoon AHBC Student Salon.(your name) speaking” The phone must be answered within three rings. You are to then Question and actively listen and ask the client their name and when they would like to make an appointment etc.

    Performing client services:

    When performing a client service you must always communicate with educators and your team member

    ( other students). Notify educators when you need assistance with technical things. Your team members are around to help you should you need them to pass up to you, rinse a colour etc.

    Client services can be refused if the client’s hair is of an unsatisfactory standard. Example, if a client with bleached hair wants to a perm or chemical straightening ; AHBC reserves the right to not accept that client for that particular service.

    Stock Control and Ordering of Recourses

    The College Coordinator is responsible for the stock control and ordering of all College resources. Resources are ordered on weekly basis to ensure that all student have equal access to resources throughout their course.


  • An ordering folder is located on X: Daily Docs. This folder contains order forms and budget databases that must be updated every time an invoice is received.
  • All order forms must be saved in to the appropriate folders. Example, Matrix order forms must be saved as June Matrix Order and saved in the Matrix folder.
  • There are two budget databases. A Matrix monthly budget database and a Dateline monthly budget spreadsheet.
  • Every time an invoice is received the budget spreadsheet must be updated. This helps any items gone missing.
  • All invoices are then put into the AHBC Monthly Budgets Folder near the Attendance Desk.
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    Administer Human Resource policy2
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  • All invoices are then put into the AHBC Monthly Budgets Folder near the Attendance Desk.
  • At the end of each month the invoices and the budget spreadsheet are put in a plastic sleeve together and give to the Accountant.
  • Stock Count:

  • Stock is counted on a daily basis
  • The Daily Dateline Count form and Matrix Daily count form location on X: Daily Docs/Ordering is to be printed out at the start of each week and given to the Salon Manager.
  • The Salon Manager records the amount of each item every morning on the sheets.
  • The sheets are given back the College Coordinator.
  • Ordering:

  • College Coordinator identifies resources that may be low and fills out order forms and saves them on X: Daily Docs/ Ordering.
  • Dateline orders are written manually and put into the AHBC Ordering folder under Dateline near the Attendance Desk.
  • The orders are then processed by calling Dateline or faxing the order through to Matrix.
  • If you have faxed on order you must ensure to call and confirm they have received the fax and write the time and date you have confirmed on the ordering sheets. This will avoid any stock being delayed.
  • If any resources are low and delivery has been delayed for any reason, AHBC has back up petty cash to buy resources at Hair Health and Beauty located 2 minutes walk away the College.
  • Budgets:

  • Budgets are discussed between the Deputy Principal, Accountant and College Coordinator on a regular basis.
  • Budgets must be met and monitored in the budget spreadsheets.
  • If budget will not be met for any reason, it must be discussed with the Deputy Principal and Accountant.
  • Marketing

    If a student needs clients for a assured skill and there isn’t any clients book in, the student will be give hand outs to take and give to people in the area to give confidence clients to come into the student salon.

    Closing duties

    In the evening of the day before shutting shop every day. Students are required to monitor and maintain cleanliness in the shop tidy. Including all equipment must be clean. To make available the following day.

    2.A statement about the management of staff in relation to HR management

    Managing your employees

    Having employees that are engaged at work, cooperate with you and support your business needs will help your business be successful. There are also certain things that you have to do. On this page you’ll find links to tools, resources and information to help you manage day to day employment matters and implement good workplace practices.

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    Administer Human Resource policy2
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