Advertising_brief – Copy




Advertising_brief – Copy

Media plan

  • Samsung Electronics Australia Ltd;
  • Samsung sliding PC7 series


    tablet is crap. But the Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series is the exception that proves the rule. Mostly because it has a slide out qwerty keyboard, transforming it from tablet to laptop in seconds.

    Powered by the upcoming Oaktrail Atom processor, the tablet-cum-laptop offers a 10.1-inch multitouch 1366×768 screen, 32GB or 64GB of SSD storage and Windows 7. There are USB and HDMI outputs via a dongle, and an eight hour battery life (reportedly).

    Samsung will preload the tablet with apps to make it usable as a tablet, and it will come with Office 2010 Starter edition pre-installed when it launches in the US in March (not sure on Aussie release dates yet). As you’d expect, there’s still no word on pricing.

    Campaign objects

  • To introduce new sliding PC7 in Australia
  • To increase the sales of new sliding PC7 in Australia
  • To promote the new sliding PC7 in Australia as a new high laptop
  • Unique selling proposition

    Specs are netbook-esque: an Intel Atom Z670 CPU, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 32GB or 64GB SSD drive and a 1366×768 10-inch screen, along with 3G and WiMax connectivity. It weighs less than 1kg and at 26.6×17.58×1.9cm, it’s larger than an iPad but smaller than many 10-inch netbooks

    Key competitor

    The main competitor is Apple-Ipad2

    The other brands of mobile and computers

    Target audiences

  • Students
  • Professional workers
  • Teenagers and middle ages group
  • Existing materials

    Sliding PC 7 Series: Combining the benefits of a tablet PC and notebook, this cool little gadget has a sliding keyboard that allows it to transform seamlessly from a tablet into a more traditional notebook.


    Specification of item requires

  • The areas of advertisement as following:
  • TV advertisement with famous presenters
  • Radio advertisement
  • Internet, website or social networks
  • Newspapers
  • Brochures
  • Trade events
  • Magazines
  • Timeframe : 2012-2013


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    Timeframe : 2012-2013


    Target market strategies

    Demography segmentation: this includes age, gender, career and life style of consumers.

  • Males = 60%
  • Females = 40%
  • (Percentage : age)

    (percentage :career)

    Life style : it includes activities and interests of consumers

    (percentage : interest)

    Product market factors

    Products features

    At first glance Samsung’s Sliding PC is a 10.1-inch, 1366×768 touch screen tablet running Windows 7. It’s 21.4mm thick and weighs in at just under 1kg, so it’s not as petite as the iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab but it still sits comfortably in your hands. It features a multi-touch display, so it supports gestures such as pinch to zoom.

    Sliding PC 7 Series: Combining the benefits of a tablet PC and notebook, this cool little gadget has a sliding keyboard that allows it to transform seamlessly from a tablet into a more traditional notebook.

    Level of involvement

    Due to this product is a new innovation, the price is pretty high at the beginning. However, the price can be changed regarding to demand and supply in the technological market.

    Product usage

    the Samsung PC7 is not important product for consumers, it just provides more convenience for people so no one can buy it regularly. Just once or few times for one customer buying this product.

    Product life cycle

    There are 4 stages of product life cycle

  • Introduction
  • Growth
  • Maturity
  • Decline
  • At the beginning the sales is not high as introduction stage because people still not get used to with the product and its application. During the growth of product sales, the sales increases because people already know the product but many people still not buy because of the high price. After the growth stage, the price slows down so the sales figure increases rapidly, then it declines after that because it becomes out of the market trend.

    Characteristic of advertisement message

    The message of advertisement should be unique, simple and easy to understand. The description of product benefits must be clear and emphasize to encourage consumers to buy it.

    Competitive situation

    Consumers vote with their wallets. Based on price and features, Apple’s iPad 2 is the clear winner when compared to the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series and the Notion Ink Adam. Also, despite any shortcoming Apple products might have as far as technical specifications go (like the lack of Adobe Flash support), it is important to remember the power of brand recognition and how loyal Apple users are. This consumer…


    Advertising_brief – Copy
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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