Analyse and Present Research Information




Analyse and Present Research Information

Analyse and Present Research Information

Project 1

Type of Organisation

The business is a traditional Thai massage and beauty treatment shop.

Business industry Type

The business industry is massage and health care related businesses. Premium massage shops and spas will be the main competitors.

Products and Services

The position of the company will be a premium and traditional style of Thai massage. We will also offer products such as beauty products, creams, etc to help skin and beauty care.

  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Powder Massage
  • Oil Massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Face massage
  • Foot spa
  • Proposed Size and Scale

    The size will be quite small as the shop is a fairly small, with only 5 massage rooms.

    Purpose of the Business

    The main purpose of Sabai Dee Thai MASSAGE & Beauty Shop is to revitalize and re-energize any customers who are feeling stressed or just need to relax. Also provides high quality products to those that want to take home the freshness and revitalizing products.


    The Thai of massage is known to be slightly harder but concentrates on the high stress carrying areas. I will be starting a Thai Massage and beauty shop in Shopping Centre. The name of the Massage shop will be Sabai Dee Thai Massage and Beauty Shop.

    Sabai Dee Thai Massage and Beauty Shop will target customer in the medium to high income range. These people will have the most potential to spend on luxury products and services. The best strategy to get a lot of customers is to first offer promotions to large companies. This way, the large companies can give the staff, employee discounts for massages in Sabai Dee Thai Massage and Beauty Shop.

    Business Name



    The mission of SABAI DEE THAI MASSAGE AND BEAUTY SHOP PTY LTD is to provide customers with the high class service that the customers expect and mae sure that all customers have been relieved of the stresses and pains in their body and mind.


    The vision of this company is to have a large customer base and a good reputation in its field. To be a luxurious/premium service that enhances everyones work and physical energy. The delivery of such service will be effective in transforming all customers into a blissful and tranqual state of mind.

    Situational Analysis

    Legal and Compliance Requirements

    Thai Massage shops only require some qualifications which show that the massagers have gone through special training and are qualified to provide massage service to customers. The Massage shop should also comply with any OH&S compliances and requirements for Massage Shops.


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    nts for Massage Shops.

    WHS act – this act is to ensure that business follow WHS policies and procedures and understand their responsibilities to keep the workplace safe from risks and hazards. This is too keep all people such as workers, visitors, customers and suppliers safe in the workplace.

    Hazard Identification involves managing to achieve an appropriate balance between realizing opportunities for gains while minimizing losses. It is an integral part of good management practice and an essential element of good corporate governance. It is an iterative process consisting of steps that, when undertaken in sequence, enable continuous improvement in decision-making and facilitate continuous improvement in performance.


    Inventory and Supplies

    The inventory for the massage shop will be the oils, towels and massage pants that will be given to the customers. The rest of the inventory and supplies will be for the shop which customers can purchase products from. The shop is not the main income source and therefore not a lot of investment and supplies are needed.


    The shop will get its supplies from Thai suppliers as well as online suppliers of traditional Thai products.


  • Massage rooms
  • Cashier area
  • Wait room
  • Relax room
  • Shop area
  • Processes

    The operations of the massage shop depends on the manager to be able to control the employees and organise who is massaging when and etc. The massagers will take turns massaging customers, unless the customers ask for a specific massager.

    Specialist Services

  • Business Consultants
  • Government
  • Massage Forums
  • Professional Massage Trainers
  • Health experts
  • All these services are able to provide great knowledge and advice for the SABAI DEE THAI MASSAGE AND BEAUTY SHOP PTY LTD because they have expert knowledge about how to run a business and how to improve the effectiveness of the massages.


    Advertising Objectives

  • The increase of shop sales and service activities and source of new clients.
  • Build on the existing shop structure, ensuring that the resources including personal, system and procedures and developed and managed to meet the business plans.
  • To provide first-class customer service and promote good practice within the shop.
  • Promotion

    The company has identified the best ways to advertise for this type of industry. The first way would be to advertise using posters and flyers and distributing them into peoples mailboxes. This is effective and will be the areas attention of the service. The other ways are…


    Analyse and Present Research Information
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