APC DET Diversity




APC DET Diversity

Critical Analysis

The DET Diversity Policy is a set of rules and guidelines that have been created to attempt to reduce the amount of unfair treatment that is happening to the disadvantaged groups. This policy is only supporting the education organisations and the community.


Improves diversityThe main strength that this policy has is that it improves and promotes diversity in the DET organisation.

ConsiderateThe policy takes into consideration all the people that are treated unfairly and helps these people have an equal chance at each opportunity.

Gives chance to many people – Gives a better chance for the people that often get discriminated against, such as aboriginals, woman and disabled.

Specific – The diversity policy of DET is very specific and easily explains the specific groups that they are aiming to support.

Supports globalisation – Globalisation is becoming increasingly more significant in Australia and other western countries and it is important for companies to improve their diversity to help their chances of increasing their market share. Diversity is a way of reaching a larger customer base and also competing with the World Market.




The commitment from the staff is one of the greatest assets and the company tries to show their appreciation for the hard work. The workplace understands and important of diversity and is committed to promote diversity.

There should be specific examples which demonstrate the commitment of the staff.


The definition is very detailed. It covers most aspects of Diversity and how it relates to Human Resources. It also explains how the DET department values and promotes Diversity.

The definition also covers EEO a very important part of diversity in the workplace.

Go into detail of each policy such as, Racism, disability and gender discrimination.

Audience and Applicability

This section is very brief. This section should definitely be more detailed as people will be trying to find out if their situations are applicable to these policies.

Should be more detailed for the readers to know what applies to them.


Does not go into detail of each policy that is in the context. Making hyperlinks can help the navigation of the readers.

Should have hyperlinks to certain policies.

Responsibilities and Delegations

Not very detailed. This section should have more detailed examples of the responsibilities and delegations of both the management and employees of the department.


APC DET Diversity
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ery detailed. This section should have more detailed examples of the responsibilities and delegations of both the management and employees of the department.

Increase the detail of the responsibilities and delegations.

Monitoring, Evaluation and reporting requirements

The detail and coverage that this part has is good. The only problem with this part is that it doesn’t mention how each employee, management, and monitor, review and report diversity differently.

Talk about the management first and then talk about the employees.

Equal Employment Opportunity

This is a national and state law which covers all of Australia. These laws are made to make the workplace a more discrimination and harassment free workplace. An employer has the most responsibility to ensure that the workplace follows all these rules and regulations set by the Equal Employment Opportunity policy.

The EEO policy of DET was designed:

  • To create an environment in which individual differences and the contributions of all our employees, clients and helpers are recognised and valued.
  • To create an environment that encourages pride and respect for all. No threats, bullying or harassment will be accepted.
  • To make sure that training, improvement and development opportunities are offered to all.
  • To encourage the acceptance of diversity at a work area, which is smart management and makes good business logic
  • To often monitor all employment and volunteering practices and procedures to make sure that no job applicants, employees, clients or helpers are treated differently than others.
  • To frequently review services to make sure they are acceptable and suitable to every group within society.
  • To give material and training to each employee, Client and helper to make sure that they are completely aware of the problems relating to Fairness and Diversity and their responsibilities linking to it.
  • To create an Diversity Action plan, to ensure our Fairness and Diversity policy is applied.
  • To ensure the policy is fully supported by the Management Team
  • To monitor and review the policy annually.
  • Potential Problems and Issues

    Communication Problems

    The language barrier will be a very big communication issue. With some people have English as a second language, the communication can sometimes be difficult and miscommunications will become more frequent.

    Racial harassment and Bullying

    Some people have a genuine hatred for a particular culture, race or religion due to military or personal experiences and this can cause issues. People may also be harassed or bullied for being a different colour or have a different background. This can lead to other problems such as missing deadlines, losing stakeholder reputation and dealing with legal consequences.

    Arguments and Disagreements

    Many countries have different levels of respect, pride, beliefs and norms. Many organisations can be affected by these differences and many work teams may have disagreements about certain decisions. A simple superstition such as bad numbers can cause conflicts in the decision making.

    Racial Discrimination

    Businesses who want to make multicultural partnerships will be better off with a…


    APC DET Diversity
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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