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Apple intro


You can commonly hear the word “Apple” mea turned in the United States of America. Apple in this context is not Apple the fruit, but a famous brand of gadget technology, which is popular for iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and mobile phone + computer. As become one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Apple is also an important factor in the development + rapid increase of personal computer; it is mean laptop and desktop.

Creating a culture of innovation

Too many CEOs focus exclusively on improving financial metrics. Increasing earnings and keeping a tight control over costs. Few understand their corporate value can be linked directly to their embrace of innovation and their capacity to constantly renew themselves.

That’s exactly what Apple has been doing, and its devotion to designing new customer experiences centered on technology has contributed to a 1,300 percent rise in its stock price in the past 10 years and a market capitalization that exceeds that of Microsoft.

Apple keeps innovating because it has intentionally created a culture of innovation. The company’s commitment to design and innovation is built into its DNA and enables it to foster, create, and execute radical ideas and remain in a perpetual state of reinvention.

Commitment to design and innovation is not the purview exclusively of large companies. Small companies actually have the capacity to move faster and more nimbly than their larger competitors, and it’s significantly easier to adopt cultural imperatives in a small company than a large one.

Cultural elements that your company needs to adopt to encourage innovation

Purpose – Business leaders who can articulate a corporate vision with the right language can inspire their employees to perform heroic feats. Apple company was design and innovation leader that inspire their employees with clear corporate visions of who am I, why am I important, and where am I headed.

Apple doesn’t inspire with challenges of 7% top line growth or the extension of an existing product line. Their vision is much broader. They want to change the world in their own unique ways. And they believe they are the agents for that change.


Apple intro
Last updated: Sep 2023

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ique ways. And they believe they are the agents for that change.

Challenge – You can’t gain a competitive advantage from doing business as usual in the same way that virtually every one of your competitors operates. Innovators and design thinkers create new solutions to problems that other companies are unwilling or unable to address. Take a look at every touch point in your organization and ask yourself if each one is delightful and memorable for your customers.

Encouragement – Leaders in innovative companies encourage their employees to try new things and to test new ideas despite the certainty that taking on challenging projects will inevitably lead to some failures.

But like all successful design companies, those who emerge with the greatest successes are the ones that encourage, embrace, and celebrate failure. They just ensure that they failed fast and learn lessons from each disappointment. Failure expands knowledge, builds courage, reveals your strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately makes success a little sweeter.

Expanding the business

The Apple Company is the one who thinking about how to make our life get more convenience. They try to get into our daily life. Microcomputer design and manufacturing company, the first successful is company. They focus on a small number of well-designed products sold at fair prices. They wanted to be everything to everyone.

is the second largest company in the world by market capitalization. It is involved in the business of providing and goods. Apple conceptualizes designs and markets these products. Most of these products are manufactured by the company’s contractors. The company undertakes the marketing of these products. Apple has a well diversified portfolio of products. Currently, its products include computers, , media players, MP3 players and tablets. Apple also produces software for its products. It developed operating system for computers and laptops. The company also developed iOS for its iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The company’s most popular products are MacBook laptops, and iPad. Its iPod Touch are also very successful media playing devices. Apple also sells Apple TV and other related products.Apple was planning an iTunes Store to buy legal digital music, and the ultimate expansion to the Windows market. Apple’s vision included not just for the next quarter, but the next year, the year beyond that, and so on and so forth.


Apple intro
Last updated: Sep 2023

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