Apple – marketing (1)




Apple – marketing (1)

Apple’s Marketing Activities

Question 1: Are the corporate objectives clearly stated and do they lead logically to the marketing objectives?

The corporate objectives of Apple’s marketing activities were stated clearly. As a company that is extremely competitive and has many competitors to compete with, the company cannot state all of its plans and strategies because other competitors may copy the strategies. Therefore the marketing activities were only very brief and did not provide a lot of explanation. The objectives however were very clear; one of Apple’s main objectives is to become the name. When you think of a cola drink you think of coke, when you think of mp3s you think of iPod and when you think of smartphones, you will think of iPhones. This is Apple’s objective for marketing.

Another major marketing objective for Apple, is to continue expanding the company and creating products with different purposes for different segments of the market. Apples marketing shows not only the benefits of the Apple products to business men, but it also shows how Apple products can improve education, help people with disabilities, and has countless uses due to new applications being programmed every day.

Apple’s corporate objectives relates directly to its marketing objectives. The marketing helps Apple achieve its corporate objectives as the marketing is directed to the customers. Apple has spent countless hours creating marketing strategies that best achieve its corporate and marketing objectives.

Question 2: Does the organization follow the marketing concept? The selling concept or production concept?

Apple does follow the marketing concepts. Apple is more of a production oriented concept because Apple is the producer of the products and uses other Technology Stores to sell the products. Apple does also follow selling concepts because the Apple does have things like the Apple store and the App Store on the apple products. The quality of the products is also extremely important. Product Orientation of the Concept also needs to be followed. Apple is so large in the market, that it must ensure that all concepts are followed.

The 5 main concepts that it follows are:

  • Production Concept
  • Product Concept
  • Selling Concept
  • Marketing Concept
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  • Social Marketing Concept
  • The product concept is one of the oldest of the concepts of business and it revolves around the customers wanting the best quality products. The Apple focuses on making the products attractive to the customers. The products are known to be the best in the world, as Apple is respected and the leader of the Smartphone and tablet industry.

    The performance and quality of the iPhones, iPads and iPods are the main reason why customers purchase the product. However to be the most successful company in the market, all the concepts must be combined and utilised to attract the most customers and gain the best reputation.

    Question 3: What is the core marketing strategy for achieving its objectives? Is it a sound strategy?

    There are many marketing strategies that Apple uses. The main strategies include:

  • Identifying the trends in the market – Apple identified the trends and needs of the market and was able to create a product that met the trends and needs of the customers. Customers could use the products to improve their lifestyle and help them work and live easier.
  • Analyse competitors – very important marketing strategy is to analyse and review the competitors, make sure that any new competitive activities and strategies will not affect the Apple company too much.
  • Innovation marketing must show the innovation and creativity that Apple uses in all its products. Innovation is the main reason why Apple has become so strong and powerful and the marketing strategies must demonstrate to the world, why Apple products are so innovative and advanced.
  • The marketing must also position the product well – Apple has positioned the Apple products at the top of the market. Customers will believe that Apple products provide the best features and is the best quality because of the marketing and price.
  • The brand awareness of Apple is one of the highest in the world – most people in the world will know what apple is and what an iPhone is, just as much as people know what Coca-Cola is. Apple has created a marketing strategy to maximise brand awareness around the world.
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    Apple – marketing (1)
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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