Apply Knowledge of WHS Legislation in the Workplace assessment 1




Apply Knowledge of WHS Legislation in the Workplace assessment 1

Apply Knowledge of WHS Legislation in the Workplace

Assessment 1 – Case Study & Role Play

Role Play

What current WHS legislation and codes of practice apply to Brisbane Blinds?

There are many WHS legislations and codes of practice which apply to the Brisbane Blinds business such as:

  • Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011
  • First Aid Code of Practice 2004
  • Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011
  • How to manage Work Health and Safety Risk code of Practice 2011
  • Hazardous Chemicals Code of Practice 2003
  • Hazardous Manual Tasks code of practice 2011
  • Managing Noise and Preventing Hearing Loss at Work Code of practice 2001
  • Managing the risk of falls at workplaces code of practice 2011
  • Plant Code of Practice 2005
  • Prevention of Workplace harassment Code of Practice 2004
  • All of these WHS legislations and Codes of practice are requirements for all businesses if Queensland.

    Is Brisbane Blinds compliance with its own WHS policy and WHS legislation?

    Brisbane Blinds is compliant with many WHS Policies and WHS legislations, however the business is not compliant with a few. With some improvements in some areas, the Brisbane Blinds business may become fully compliant.

    The business does not have completed written procedures of health and safety policies. The only written procedures are for evacuations, safe lifting and fork lift operation. There are many other safety and health procedures that must be in written. This shows that the company may not take health and safety policies and procedures seriously, which can become a very detrimental consequence for not developing WHS policies and procedures in writing.

    The organisation must also make sure that all employees have adequate training. If they do not want to attend the training, this can be incredibly dangerous as they are untrained and may not know certain health and safety procedures which are vital for emergency situations.

    What WHS written procedures does Brisbane Blinds have?

    The Brisbane Blinds company only has 3 WHS written procedures:

  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Safe lifting or Manual handling procedures
  • Forklift operating procedures
  • How could you apply legislation or compliance codes to Brisbane Blinds?

    Give two examples


    Apply Knowledge of WHS Legislation in the Workplace assessment 1
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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    Give two examples

    1. the first option they could do is to complete the rest of their health and safety procedures. this will help them comply with WHS codes of conduct and legislations easily.

    2. the second option would be to provide training and consultation to any workers that need WHS training. This will help improve the WHS compliance of the workers because they will know the correct procedures to carry out their duties.

    What WHS duty holders currently have roles in work, health and safety at Brisbane Blinds?

  • PCBU or Person Conducting a business or undertaking – this will be Brisbane Blinds
  • Officers of the PCBU – Managers of Brisbane Blinds
  • Workers and Worker’s Representatives – the Health and Safety Representatives
  • First Aid Officers – employee in charge of first aid
  • Fire Emergency wardens and deputies – Local fire brigade
  • What Legal Obligation does Brisbane Blinds have towards its workforce with regard to consultation and training? Refer to at least one piece of legislation or code of practice

    According to the section 19-28 of the WHS Act 2011, Brisbane Blinds is obligated to provide and support the workers with adequate training. This is not only for the business, but also ensures that the customers are being treated fairly.

    What might be the consequence of non-compliance be for Brisbane Blinds? Give two examples of possible breaches and associated penalties.

    An employee or customer or other stakeholder may be injured in the workplace. The Brisbane blinds will be in trouble due to the duty of care policy which states that the company is responsible for keeping the workplace environment safe for all visitors. The injured person may then be able to sue or fine the Brisbane Blinds for poor workplace environment.

    Forklift accident due to lack of adequate training. The forklift is a very dangerous machine and without proper training, it can injure not only the driver but could also injure others around it.



    Apply Knowledge of WHS Legislation in the Workplace assessment 1
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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