Apply Understanding of the Structure and Profile of Residential Aged Care Sector




Apply Understanding of the Structure and Profile of Residential Aged Care Sector

Apply Understanding of the Structure and Profile of Residential Aged Care Sector

Activity 1

  • Mrs Williams does not accept other peoples help
  • Helpers will have trouble helping Mrs Williams because she refuses to receive help
  • Mrs Williams will take a long time to perform tasks or hurt herself if she does not get help.
  • Mr Singh will feel useless and alone
  • His son may not run the family business effectively
  • Mr Singh may want to leave the residential setting
  • Helpers may not understand what Mrs Gangitano needs because she has forgotten the name.
  • Mrs Gangitano may get angry about forgetting things, which will make her stress levels high.
  • As she gets older she will become more forgetful.
  • Activity 2

  • The newspaper article on NBCnews, Infographic: The Coming Alzheimer’s Crisis, by Ronnie Polidoro talks quite negatively about the interpretations of ageing. More and more elderly people are getting Alzheimer’s or other kinds of dementia. This causes the money spent of healthy to increase. $214 billion will be spent on health care, long-term care and hospice. In 2050, the cost is projected to be $1.2 trillion.

  • As people are living for longer, the ageing services and health care needed to help the elderly will increase. More aged care facilities will need to be built in order to care for the increasing number of aged population.

  • This is causing a larger number of people above 65 years old. This is proving that the current generation is not reproducing as much as the baby boomers generation and early generations. This means that there are more people that are needing ageing services than workers starting a aged helper career. More people need to work in the health and aged care industry and more money will need to be spent on the retired services.

  • If this number cannot be sustained, the aged care will not be able to be effective. The aged care will not be able to service all the elderly people if they do not have enough money from the government.

  • Of 65 out of every 100 people above 55 had difficulties getting jobs because of their age, then the percentage of people above 55 that had difficulties getting jobs because of their age would be 65 percent.

    Activity 3

  • It is essential because the elderly people need special requirements and procedures to assist them. following these legislations will ensure that they are treated and serviced safely, and properly.

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    Apply Understanding of the Structure and Profile of Residential Aged Care Sector
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  • Support is very important because taking care of clients is not a simple and easy job. These elderly people will suddenly need assistance and tasks may not be easy for just one person. Some tasks require 2 or more and that is why supporting people can be more effective.

  • Holistic is more related to a personal, physical gestalt, whereas medical cures the symptom. Therefore, holistic is more about caring and assisting while medical is more about curing and remedy.

  • Aged Care Access Initiative uses the RACF or Residential Aged Care Facilities to help provide aged clients with the best and broadest range of aged services possible. This alliance helps connect aged clients with a wide range of services across the country and can help identify allied services in certain areas.

  • The Aged Care Access initiative provide the following:

  • Ensured availability of holistic services
  • Education programs for facilities
  • Care support for residents new to the residential care facilities
  • Occupational therapy and physiotherapy services
  • All these can be achieved from the program ensuring that residents can receive the appropriate holistic service care.


    Occupation health and Safety Act 2004

    Freedom of Information and the Information Privacy Act 2008

    Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act 2008

    Aged Care Act 1997






    New residents will be assessed using the ACFI, and care payments will be made according to this. Existing residents will be assessed using the ACFI when their classification under the current arrangements expires. This is to give the aged clients the appropriate health care funds that they need.

    Activity 4

  • Firstly they should try to consult their supervisor, colleague or manager. This will be the fastest and most efficient way. If the supervisor or manager is busy or away, they should then try to find a procedures book or guide for identifying the best action. If there is no guidebook available, searching the internet could be effective.

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  • HACC is specifically for those that require residential care and aid. DVA is to support those who serve or have served in defence of our nation and commemorate their…


    Apply Understanding of the Structure and Profile of Residential Aged Care Sector
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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