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Executive summary3

Introduction 3

Description of the business (background)3

Business products and services 3

Marketing activities 3

Business operation4

Management and organization structure4


Financial background5

Risk analysis5


Communication strategy5

Executive Summary

Fast Track Couriers is a courier company that has been operating in New South Wales for the last 15 years. Its primary business functions is delivering medium to large size packages across metropolitan Sydney


The mission and vision of success work together to guide an organization’s activities and operations

Objective of the organization

Objective for the next three years of operation include

  • To expand business in the metropolitan area so that small to medium package deliveries market share increase by 7.5%
  • To expand the business to include small and medium package deliveries to regional NSW
  • Introduction

    It is the end of the 20011 financial year and they are an external change management consultant employee by fast track couriers. They want to change management for approval

    Description of the business (Background)

    The owner of Fast Track Couriers are aware that their ongoing success is the result of a small, experience team, close personal ties with clients and a reputation for reliable, low cost service. Moving forward, the vision for the company is to retain those strengths and core values through any expansion process. Fast Track Couriers were looking for their next growth opportunity and saw that this war an ideal opportunity to be seized upon


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    owth opportunity and saw that this war an ideal opportunity to be seized upon

    Business products and services

    Fast Track Couriers primary business function is delivering medium to large size package across metropolitan Sydney

    Market activity – the market

    The company has been marketed through direct listing and mail out. Though a program of telephone follow-up to ensure customers’ ongoing satisfaction with the business, Fast Track Couriers has an admirable 87% retention rate for existing customers

    Business operations

  • Productivities and performance targets for key result areas
  • The target of productivities is that all truckers are using a GPS for record the data about the details of each pick up and drop off and records when a job starts and finishes. Process of the data from deceive is sent back to head office to monitor job process. and performance targets of strategic plan goals is to grow the business and increase business profits over the next three years by explaining delivery routes to include regional NSW

  • Include financial and non-financial performance measure
  • Using a program of telephone follow-up to ensure customers’ ongoing satisfaction with the business. Keep monitoring number of employee’s turnover. Although Fast Track Couriers sales and profits has increased each year by an average of 5%

  • Detail resource requirements including human resources, capital requirement and other resources required to achieve business goals
  • Introduce professional development and training to achieve organisational goals and promote understanding of organization’s strategic goals

    Management and organization structure

    The organization is family owned, with three family members acting as a Management Broad and responsible for approving all business decision:

  • Managing Director – responsible for daily operational management decisions
  • Logistic Manager – responsible for the scheduling of the trucks and drivers
  • 20 trucks drivers
  • 5 offices support employees – responsible for administration, account, human resource and sales
  • Proposal

    Fast Track Couriers currently allocates two driver per truck to ensure that drives are able to load and unload heavy package. Only one driver is needed per truck, as no heavy lifting will be required. This will allow Fast Track Couriers to purchase 10 new trucks and use existing drivers for regional routes. The money to purchases the trucks will be borrowed from the bank on a business loan.

    Financial Background

    Risk analysis

    The company should ensure their employee have ability to implement the plan, there is some risk in the process:

  • The workplace injuries, due to heavy lifting
  • Some staffs might be lack of understanding of the new development program
  • Industrial dispute regarding pay and other change initiatives
  • The high rate of employee turnover can be a significant problem
  • Conclusion

    Fast Track Couriers Pty.Ltd has undergone many organizational changes but has also faced resistance on the part of the employees. When changing the technology of the company and including GPS systems and PDA devices to improve the working of the drivers and help…


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