This paper will identify the key performance objectives of a business plan contained in assessment task 1(Quality Training), explain how the performance measurement system will be implement and tested and how system product failure and variances to the business will be reported to whom and when

  • Key Performance Objective
  • Non-financial objective
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Number of employees turnover
  • Financial objectives
  • The target of productivities
  • Process of the data from device
  • The target of strategic plan goals
  • Develop Performance measurement systems
  • Non-financial performance measure
  • Customer satisfaction – measure that management uses to evaluate whether the organization is meeting customer expectation, e.g. customer survey or questionnaire
  • Employees satisfaction – measure the employee satisfaction rate will help to reduce the number of staff turnover by voice of employees forms or intranet survey
  • Employee training – measure that management uses to evaluate effectiveness of employee training. To see which skills need to be improve
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    ss of employee training. To see which skills need to be improve

  • Financial performance measure
  • The target of productivities is that all truckers are using GPS for record the data about the details of each pick up an drop off and record when a job starts and finishes
  • Process of the data from device is sent back to head office to monitor job process
  • Compare with the familiar company and competitors profit
  • Training revenue per trainee
  • Develop time frames
  • Time frame will presents how far out into the future that the company want to plan for business. As the company establish time frame, don’t worry about casting it in cement, instead, think of the schedule as something commit to follow unless and until circumstance change and make a conscious decision to revise it

  • Consult with key stakeholder
  • Stakeholder must discuss the suitability of performance measure before implementing. Key stakeholder include:

  • Employees: All truckers or staff that working as Fast Track Courier
  • Manager: Logistic Manager, Human Resource Manager, Finance Manager, Sale Manager
  • Business Owner: Management Team
  • Benchmarking used to determine suitable performance measures
  • The goal of benchmarking is to identify the weakness within an organization and improve up on them. To determine whether the performance measure are suitable for QT, a number of methods can be used:

  • Quality program – compare the number of complains or levels of customer satisfaction by feedbacks, questionnaires and online surveys
  • Competitive assaults – to create early awareness of competitive disadvantage
  • Cost reduction/budget process – compare the cost and overhead between departments within the organization
  • Operation improvement efforts – in case of system failure should be reported to management team
  • Compare the similar training organization with other training company
  • Time frame for action
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