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Assessment 1

Define The Market

Mission Beach Business and Tourism (MBTT) focus on nature-based tourism. According to its strategic plan, MBTT understand that global economy is more stable now and it could provide a good opportunity to increase its number of visitors, especially visitors from China, due its increasing interest on travels to Australia.

On one hand, MBTT see an opportunity to attract more visitors from North America, Europe, China, India and local visitors as well. In order to succeed on this goal, MBTT see as its strengths:

  • The Australia’s stable political system;
  • Well maintained roads;
  • Low crime rates; and
  • High standard of health care.
  • On another hand, the below factors may have negative influences on the market environment:

  • The high prices on fuel;
  • Lower Australian dollars exchange rates; and
  • The growth in competitive in global destinations – particularly beach.
  • Research and Briefly Analyse Tourism Data in Queensland

    According to the Tourism Australia, tourism market is a $25 billion industry for the Queensland state and employs about 225,000 people. Tourism is a vital industry for many of Australian regions. Queensland’s tourism industry is made up of a network of stakeholders, including tourism businesses, industry organisations, and government agencies who all work together to help attract tourists to the state and develop the industry as a whole.

    The biggest source market for Queensland tourism is the domestic market. When it comes to international market, China is now Queensland’s largest international source market, followed by New Zealand, Japan, the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States. Emerging international markets include Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and India also are increasing in recent years.

    The tables below shows how the tourism in main regions in Queensland had increased in the recent years for both domestic and international markets



    Tourism Trends

    A key trend for the Queensland tourism is the increasing number of visitors from Asia, particularly from China and India. Their interest in come to Australia, especially to Queensland, when it comes to nature tourism, is linked to the fact to the Australia’s proximity and, particularly, as pointed out above, the country has some positive aspects that attract them such as its stable political system, well maintained roads, low crime rates and high standard of health care.

    Segment the Market

    The MBTT strategic plan, segmented the strategic markets as below:

  • Domestic:
  • Intrastate – within 400km
  • ......

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    Intrastate – within 400km

  • Interstate – Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane
  • Corporate/Incentive = small business (eg groups up to 50 persons)
  • Drive market
  • Weddings
  • International:
  • United Kingdom, New Zealand, North America
  • New Zealand and China; work to increase destination awareness (based on industry direction and flight access)
  • Backpackers; (includes holiday workers)
  • Events – for sports and other special interest groups
  • Ona Mission and Adrenalin Festival, Feast of the Senses, Anzac Commemoration
  • Potential; Fishing, Chocolate, Coconut, local sports tournaments (eg tennis), multisport, cycling, car clubs
  • Evaluate the Segments

    The segments above were evaluated by behavioural, demographics, psychographic and geographic. The analysis is shown on the table below:

    Data Analysis

    Analysing the data provided above, the segments share some points in common:

  • Homogeneous: all the groups described above share the motivation to explore the local nature. Even the visitors who comes to attend a specific event in the region is likely to spend some time in one of the many nature attractions in the region.
  • Measurable: the tourism industry in Queensland worth $ 25 Bi and have significant potential to continue to growth, so exploring this opportunity may bring more investments for the region and develop the community.
  • Substantial: the tourism market in Queensland is very large, and attract people from different backgrounds. The target market in general is between 20 – 50 years of age and spend some money during the time that they will be in the region. They share interests (nature, events, food, beverage or all together) and certainly the market will keep growing.
  • Accessible: all the media formats can be explored to access the segments, however, in my opinion, online media is the better approach for them. I believe that because usually when the groups described above plan for a travel, they search online for information about the place where they are going, so, if a campaign or advertising about Mission Beach tourism is online, the chances that it succeed is higher.
  • Actionable/practical: Queensland tourism as already stated in this report worth $25 billions and it is the biggest in Australia. This data support for a marketing position for Mission Beach in order to increase its participation in this market. So there is opportunity to be explored on the Queensland tourism.
  • Responsive: the target market is very responsive, as they are often looking for something regarding their travel (place to…
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    Ass 1
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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