Ass 3 Project – Manage Quality Customer Service




Ass 3 Project – Manage Quality Customer Service

Assessment Task 3


Key performance indicators are factors which can be measured and analysed to see if there is any improvements in performance. These indicators could be money, quality or customer related factors which can be measured. KPIs are used as self-evaluations and should be used to find out how and where the company can improve.

Some examples of KPIs include:

  • Making sure that call/enquiry and complaint handling times are as low as possible
  • Compliance to government and organisational policies and procedures
  • Actively trying to identify customer needs and issues and offering to solve the needs or issues without them needing to ask.
  • Improved teamwork in order to save time and improve customer service
  • Making sure that employees assist other employees when they have free time
  • Making sure that regular customers are remembered and greeted
  • Number of sales
  • Making sure that the employees are able to handle customer complaints
  • Records management and Information Management
  • Customer satisfaction levels and repeat customers.
  • Plan

    When monitoring the performance against KPI’s it is useful to make KPI goals such as:

  • Keep all Call/enquiries/complaints handling times under 2 minutes
  • Complying to all government and organisation policies and procedures
  • Monitoring the amount of times that an employees has initiated to help a customer
  • Monitor the amount of teamwork and the effectiveness
  • Watching to see whether employees are helping others are wasting time
  • Greeting customers that have visited before
  • Increasing the number of sales by 10% each year
  • 0 employees unable to handle complaints
  • When reviewing the actual performance of the company, it can be compared with the KPI’s to get an overall understanding of whether the performance was satisfactory or not.


    Ass 3 Project – Manage Quality Customer Service
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    Improving the following factors of the customer service staff

  • communication skills – written and verbal
  • planning and organizing
  • prioritizing
  • problem assessment and problem solving
  • information gathering and information monitoring
  • attention to detail and accuracy
  • flexibility
  • teamwork
  • Training

    Other possibilities could include:

  • Surveys – see how the customers feel about the service and where it needs improvement
  • Comment cards – this will show employees, customers and competitors that you are intending to improve
  • Talk with your employees – they are the people closest to your customers, use their experiences to gain better customer service. Make sure they are as attentive as they can be.
  • Understand your customers – take the time to just observe your customers. Do they look happy or annoyed? Do they continually look at their watch, like they do not want to be there?
  • Create a Customer service law – this is a law to make the customer the number one priority. All staff must make the customer feel this way.
  • Communicate- the most important aspect to customer service is communication between the organisations. Good communication means a good, efficient organisation. This will improve the customer service and make them feel more organised.
  • Training – provide customer service training for your employees. Teach them how to approach customer without being annoying, help customers and treat customers.
  • Initiative – give employees some initiative and teach them how to solve problems without asking the supervisor. This saves time for the customer and the organisation.
  • Thank you cards – give customers thanks you cards and letters to show your appreciation.
  • ...

    Ass 3 Project – Manage Quality Customer Service
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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