ass2- manage business documents




ass2- manage business documents

Part 1 – Questions

Q1. A brochure illustrating products available

a. layout

Q2. A department budget

b. spreadsheet

Q3. A 2000-word report

c. word processing

Q4. A Letter to a customer

c. word processing

Q5. Information on customers’ names and addresses to be kept indefinitely, updates regularly and used for a variety of purposes

d. database

Q6. JB Were Investors Information

Audience: Investors

Image: good company to invest in

How was it achieved: the key benefits and advantages of JB Were over other companies.

Fun for Kids Festival

Audience: Families

Image: good festival where families can go to relax and have some fun

How was it achieved: through explaining all the festivals features and activities that the children and parents can do in the festival.


Causes of Change

  • End-of-Life Products
  • Government Change
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Strategy Change
  • Structural Change
  • These changes can influence the documentation standards. If the company changes the documentation they must change the templates and formats, etc.

    Part 2 – Report


    Experts agree that your chair is perhaps the single most important component of a healthy working environment. In fact, it is what most people should adjust first – before modifying their keyboard or monitor position.

    Proper Work Surface Setup

  • The work surface should be installed/adjusted to be approximately 25” – 34” high for seated work and to fit a range of operator sizes (ensure that adjustments can be made easily).
  • The space beneath the work surface should have sufficient room above your legs to allow for a range of body postures. The knee well should be 30” by 19” deep.
  • The work surface should have adequate space for equipment (monitor, telephone, stapler, tape dispenser) to be located close to the user to minimize bending, flexing, or twisting of arms, wrists, or hands.
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    stapler, tape dispenser) to be located close to the user to minimize bending, flexing, or twisting of arms, wrists, or hands.

  • A matte finish on the work surface is ideal to reduce light reflection.
  • The keyboard and mouse should be placed together on a platform that is at least 28” wide, directly in front of you and directly beneath the monitor.
  • The keyboard and mouse platform should easily move side to side, up and down, in and out, and lock securely in place.
  • The height of the keyboard/mouse platform should allow your hands to rest lightly on keyboard or mouse with your forearms using the chair armrests for support.
  • Keyboard & Mouse Adjustments

  • The keyboard height should allow straight wrists and a 90-degree angle between the upper arm and the forearm (angle should adjust by 20-degrees up or down for individual preference and periodic adjustment).
  • The keyboard height and angle should be adjustable (reverse slope).
  • The keyboard and mouse should have a wrist rest and/or mouse rest available for support when taking mini-breaks.
  • The standard keyboard should be replaced with an alternative keyboard (split-key) and alternative mouse (trackball or touchpad) if a musculoskeletal disorder develops.
  • The keyboard should be able to support “short-cut software” (macros).
  • Lighting

    Be aware of florescent lights as well as window lighting. Use a glare screen to reduce glare on the monitor screen. Use task lighting.

    Proper Lighting

  • Overhead light may cause glare and can be reduced by the use of a panel diffuser (diffuser should direct the light straight down rather than out across the room).
  • Lighting with a dimmer control should be used with supplemental task lighting.
  • Task lighting is designed to boost lighting levels in a highly localized area, so that overall lighting can be reduced to cut glare.
  • Reduce direct sunlight by placing blinds or curtains on all windows.
  • Cover polished work surfaces with pads or blotters to reduce glare.
  • Proper Monitor Placement

  • The monitor should be placed perpendicular to the windows or in such a location that the windows are not directly in front of or behind the monitor.
  • The monitor should be placed on a solid, stable surface directly in front of your chair and directly over the center of the workstation knee well.
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    ass2- manage business documents
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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