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  • Established vision and mission of the organisation.
  • Vision: “Within the next five years, MacVille will become a national brand, and will be accepted as an integral part of the hospitality industry, perceived as a key component in the success of hospitality establishments, both large and small.”
  • Mission: “MacVille is in business to provide espresso coffee machines that meet the efficiency, reliability and sustainability needs of our hospitality clients who, in turn, reward us with profits that will allow our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate to prosper.”
  • Current practices of the organisation and in particular, whether they support the mission objectives of the organisation, or point to potentially new objectives for the organisation.
  • According to case study in my point of view MacVille need to come out with the some new objectives because in the last few years they did not make any changes in the strategic plans. So they have wide range of areas to make development. Find the new ways to improve the productivity as well as quality standards and great customer service.
  • Existing vision and mission: from case study information provided, describe the existing mission and vision statements.
  • Vision: MacVille will become a dominant brand in next few years and nationally MacVille will be undertaking as an essential part of the hospitality organisations and will be seen as an important part of success for both large and small in hospitality industry.
  • Mission: MacVille mission is to meet the efficiency, reliability and sustainability need of customers and in return, we make the good profits from the product and it will help our stakeholders and communities to get success in this hospitality organisation.
  • Current approaches:
  • Develop a suitable strategic plan for the organisational development and expansion of the business.
  • Provide a good quality of customer service to their clients and get the constructive feedback from them, so we can maintain the organisation values in the market.
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    values in the market.

  • Maintain the standards of product not only helpful to increase the yearly profit but it will also helpful to make good relationship with our stakeholders and shareholders.
  • For the staff members, they encourage their teams to work in team and they also maintain the high level of safety at the workplace.
  • Revised vision and mission:
  • Vision: In next five years the MacVille will become the top national brand of the hospitality industry to deliver the efficient and reliable service to the local communities it serves. The MacVille want to build the customer relations to the local community that it serves.
  • Mission: the MacVille need to develop the appropriate strategic plan to make sure or recognise further development of each critical area, and find some new procedures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customer solutions and customer service. Establish the commercial relationship with the other stakeholders who relate to the local community that our organisation serves. The organisation needs to be a good and reliable citizen that recognises the responsibility as an active participant of the hospitality industry in local community.
  • Organisation Values:
  • Organisation needs to be accepting new strategies and find out the new partnerships so they can get support and promote their mission to desired outcomes and strategies.
  • MacVille needs to find the requirements and necessity of customers whom they serve.
  • MacVille needs to be good participants in their local communities to help them.
  • MacVille also donate certain percentage of amount to their local communities and non-profit organisation.
  • MacVille provide efficient, reliable and sustainable product to their customers.
  • References


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