Assessment 1 (1)




Assessment 1 (1)

Assessment 1Written Activities


This is an individual assessment.

In this assessment you will be working through a number of written tasks based on case scenarios and research that relate directly to competency for this cluster.


Trainer will set the duration of the assessment.

Your tasks:

Task 1—Obtain knowledge of the client business domain

Use the Internet to answer the following questions about the Environment Protection Authority Victoria as an example of a potential client.

Go to the website at , and then select About EPA and EPA Organisation chart.

Answer following questions:

In which directorate would you find the Community Relations department?

If you wanted to apply for a job with the EPA, to which department would you address your application?

If you had a complaint about excessive noise at a neighbouring business premises, to which department would you complain?

Task 2—Identify stakeholders

Read the scenario below:

Southern Dental Services is a small dental practice in a regional town. There are two dentists: Pamela Jones and Brian Huang. The practice has four support staff to manage the day-to-day running of the practice: Jane Emerson, who looks after the appointments; Brenda Gale, who handles the accounts; Keith Dickson, who manages the patient details; and Pauline Santoro, who organises the ordering of supplies, etc. Pauline obtains most of the supplies for the clinic from David Andrews, who runs a business selling medical and dental supplies. She orders all the other office-related products from Peter Smith’s business, OfficeStuff. The clinic has five hundred patients on its books, some of whom, like Mrs Mary O’Halloran, have been coming to the clinic since it opened ten years ago.

Choose the type of stakeholder for each of the names listed in the box. Stakeholders:




  • Task 3—Evaluate system development methodologies

    Create a short report (500 words) describing the advantages and disadvantages of two system development methodologies. You should research at least one methodology that has not been covered in the learning activity.

    Task 4 — Work breakdown structure

    Apply the top down method and break down the following goals into several tasks and subtasks and develop a simple work breakdown structure (WBS) for the LAN (Local Area Network) project for Urban Wear’s (a fictional company) new retail outlet.

    Goals of the LAN project:

    1.1 Establish LAN requirements

    1.2 Design network configuration

    1.3 Implement LAN


    Assessment 1 (1)
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    1.3 Implement LAN

    Task 5 — Controls

    Use the following extract of a WBS for a network upgrade; identify control tasks that have been included in the Analysis section of the Planning stage.

    WBS for a network upgrade

    Table: WBS for a network upgrade

    Task 6 — Factors that impact on time estimates

    What factors could impact on your time estimate for the installation and configuring of the workstations for the LAN from Task 4?

    Task 7— Determining the positions required

    Your company, Herriard, which has a staff of 600 full time and 200 part time employees, has decided to introduce sales training techniques on their Intranet site. The training course needs a Learning Management System (LMS) which allocates units of work to the staff. Once in the system, the staff can receive automated feedback and trainers can view staff progress through the system. Herriard has decided to get an off-the-shelf product and adapt it to the company’s needs. You have been given the job of managing the project.

    List the job roles or positions that you would include in your team.

    Task 8— Gantt chart

    Use MS Project and draw a Gantt chart corresponding to the specifications in the table below.

    Task 9 — Quality

    Consider the LAN project (Task 4) for the Urban Wear retail outlet.

    Who are the main quality stakeholders for the project?

    Task 10 — Change negotiation

    Case study

    HAKME is undertaking a project (I-CUE, Intuitive Contacts, Updates and Enhancements) to update their contact management system. An issue has been raised by Bob Jenkison, customer relations manager, regarding the tracking and delegation of open cases. After reviewing the issue’s log, you determined that the change is currently outside the technical specifications of the project and a change request needs to be submitted and approved.

    Peta Young, technical lead, has reviewed the issues log. She feels that it is too late in the development stage of the project to change the technical requirements and feels the customer is constantly shifting the project goals.

    Review the emails below sent to you by Bob Jenkison and Peta Youngoutlining their stance on the issue and work out a strategy to best handle the situation.

    Task 11 — Variance reporting

    The I-CUE steering committee has requested a variances report outlining the impact of the recent change to the development phase of the project. Using the financial information provided, complete the “Variance Report” for the developing tasks.

    Table: Pre-change budgeted costs


    Assessment 1 (1)
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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