Assessment 1 (1) junram




Assessment 1 (1) junram

Assessment 1 – written report

  • Define the business marketing objectives and strategies
  • JKL industry is an Australian owned organization, which primarily deals in selling tractors and spare parts. The organization is planning new business plans but facing poor communication channels. It is highly important to have effective communication mechanism in an organization for a consistent flow of information

    Operating capital requirements

    JKL Industries requires approximately $13million in working capital to sustain business and ensure it meets all opening and ongoing financial obligations.

    Operational plan

    JKL Industries intends to implement operational plans to realize strategic objectives. Key aspects to operations include human resources and workforce planning, performance management, physical and financial resources and workflow.

    Marketing objectives

    JKL Industries will continue to sell and service forklifts and expand their market share by 7% within the next 12to 18months.Provide quality customer service.JKL Industries will expand existing branches to include the sale of medium and large trucks within 18months.

  • Identify the key characteristics of products and services and their significance in the market
  • JKL industry is an Australian owned industry. The organisation primarily deals in selling small trucks, forklifts, and spare parts. The organisation is going through a big change in its business plan. The organisation has planned for selling a new range of medium and large trucks through overseas suppliers and closure of rental sector as it has been incurring continuous losses. New business objectives have to be laid down but currently, organisation is facing improper communication channels. This is the biggest hindrance in the path of success.

    Operational workflow


    1. Negotiate with suppliers.2.Receive and warehouse products.3.Provide service and information to customers.4.Receive payment.5.Arrange delivery of items (if required)


    1Conduct market research to determine needs.2.Negotiate with suppliers.3.Receive and warehouse rental products.4.Provide service and information t


    1. Conduct market research to determine needs.2.Negotiate with suppliers.3.Receive and warehouse service supplies.4.Provide service and information to service customers.5.Receive paymentrentalcustomers.5.Receive payment.6.Arrange delivery of items (if required)

  • Review pricing policy and analyze pricing variables to determine their effect on demand including
  • Calculating and explaining the impact of at least two changes pricing on resulting consumer demand
  • Local competition where prices can be discounted because the store owner is lower than the store that we are opening
  • The economic downturn has reduced the income of customers due to living outside the home.
  • Explaining methods and calculations
  • For example a tractor sell on standard tractor can sell for farming tractors selling $9,000 plus an additional tax per year from the actual price received from the factory

  • Explaining the impact on for example, profitability or other business goals and objectives, financial, customer focus, or efficiency
  • JKL Industries recognizes that risk management is an essential component of good management practice and is committed to the proactive management of risks across the organization. The strategy is designed to:


    Assessment 1 (1) junram
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    to the proactive management of risks across the organization. The strategy is designed to:

    •identify, evaluate, control and manage risks, including environmental risks

    •ensure potential threats and opportunities are identified and managed

    •inform store management, partners and staff members about their roles, responsibilities and reporting procedures with regards to risk management

    •ensure risk management is an integral part of planning at all levels of the organization.

  • Analyse the significance to the marketing outcomes of the following
  • Promotion methods
  • Advertising, Public relations & sponsorship, Personal selling, direct marketing, Sales promotion.

  • Channels of distribution
  • Manufacturer> Wholesaler> Retailer> Consumer

    JKL industry is an Australian owned industry. The organisation primarily deals in selling in Burning store, eBay and tractors spare parts store.

  • The level of customer service
  • JKL Industries plans to expand existing branches to include the sale of large and medium trucks by the beginning of July. The performance management system will allow for the monitoring of performance of current staff and identify training and developmental opportunities.

  • Identify potential customer base and key pressure points for success
  • JKL Industries target group with Construction, framer, Parts distribution center, Sota Tractors NSW, Tractors Australia, Hills District Farm Equipment | Kubota Tractor & JCB Specialist Sydney

  • Examine each component of the marketing mix, including information on how the elements of the marketing mix have been used, their significance to each other, and their relevance to the customer base
  • For example Product


    JLK Industries will discount 10% for customers who buy our product by online in tractors spare parts store from in June until 1 January 2020

  • Identify external environmental factors and assess their potential impact on the marketing mix
  • Political According to research by JKL Industries, the current government attaches great importance to the future legal direction of growth and productivity, which JKL Industries considers beneficial to their business model. There is also an important driving force for environmentally friendly business practices and harmonious WHS laws. JKL Industries, operating in Australia, will comply with all contact laws and comply with all laws that affect business activities.

    Business planning and budgeting: The business planning and budgeting process is used to set objectives, agree on action plans and allocate resources. Progress towards meeting business plan objectives is monitored regularly by the partners. Contingency planning is undertaken as required.

  • Identify customer priorities, needs and preferences and the way they impact the marketing mix
  • Guiding principles

    JKL Industries is committed to achieving its vision, business objectives and quality objectives. This will be achieved through the proactive management of risk at all levels of the organization. JKL Industries acknowledges that embracing innovative ideas and practices carries with it risks, but that these are identifiable and measurable and therefore capable of being subject to realistic risk mitigation processes.

    Marketing Mix

    Assessment 1 (1) junram
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