Assessment 1 – Activity 2 Promotional Strategy (18)




Assessment 1 – Activity 2 Promotional Strategy (18)


Course Name: Certificate IV in Business

Code: BSB40212

Subject:Introduction to Marketing

Evidence technique: In-class activity

Assessment No: 1 – Activity 2 (Promotional Strategy)

Weighting: 10%Mark: 10

Due Date:Week 5

Competency Title: BSBMKG414AUndertake marketing activities

BSBMKG413A Promote products and services

Trainer Name: Antony Elmore

Description of Assessment

  • You are required to complete the following Activities
  • After you have completed your task, upload it to assessment 1 submission link via Moodle
  • The submission link will be found under Assessment submission links
  • Ensure to change the file name to your Student No Assessment 1 activity 2. For example, if your student no is 1234, your file name should be 1234_Assessment 1 activity 2
  • Plagiarism Statement

    An intentional or unintentional Plagiarism is deemed by GCA as cheating and is completely unacceptable under any circumstances.

    It is required that all assignments be referenced using the Harvard System or other approved method advised by your lecturer.

    Any plagiarism will result in a ZERO mark for that assignment. This includes the submission of assignments that are not the student’s own work or does not acknowledge the work of others.

    By submitting this assessment in Moodle, you understand and agree to the plagiarism policy of GCA.


    Assessment 1 – Activity 2 Promotional Strategy (18)
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    this assessment in Moodle, you understand and agree to the plagiarism policy of GCA.

    Assessment Task 1 – Activity 2


    This activity is based on a chain of fitness centres. They want to increase their ongoing level of promotional activity, but are unsure how best to promote themselves in the marketplace. Therefore, this activity requires you to determine the most appropriate promotional strategy (given the information in the following case study).



    Fitness Fast currently consists of eleven fitness centres throughout Sydney. Their goal is to expand to around 20 centres in Sydney before expanding interstate. Currently, most of their fitness centres are operating at only 60% capacity. This means that they will greatly benefit from more customers (as most of their costs are fixed costs – in premises and equipment). As a result, they have budgeted just over $1m (which is a substantial amount for them) for an upcoming promotional campaign. Their problem is that they are faced with too many choices and are unsure how to structure their campaign. That’s why they need your help/advice.

    They have identified five different segments of people that are attracted to joining a fitness centre. These segments are:

     The firm is also unsure about what type of message they should communicate and the best way to present that message. To help them with their decision, they have constructed the following:


    And, of course, the firm hasn’t even considered the question of which media vehicles they should use. However, given their fairly limited budget, they are most likely restricted to:

  • Radio advertising
  • Local paper advertising
  • Local cinema advertising
  • Internet ads
  • Shopping mall promotions
  • Letterbox drops
  • Billboards
  • Taxis and buses
  • Publicity
  • Customer referral incentives


  • Which target market/s to pursue? (Limit to one or two for the simplicity of the activity)
  • Therefore, which appeal/s, message/s, and source/s to use?
  • Which media vehicles to use?
  • Outline why you think your plan is a good approach?
  • Is your approach similar/different to other students? (In other words, are there several possible approaches?)

    Marking Form / Criteria:


    Assessment 1 – Activity 2 Promotional Strategy (18)
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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