Assessment 1 administer projects




Assessment 1 administer projects

Assessment 1: Project

Scenario 1

PROJECT NAME: Work Group Party at Shelbourne Hotel, Sydney


Project Purpose:

I have been asked to be the team leader of my group of colleagues and organise a team event in several months. So we decided to hold a team party in Shelbourne Hotel. This would be an exclusive party for team members and any friends and family. The main purpose of this was to celebrate a 20% increase in profitability this year. The team worked hard and deserves a great reward.

Project objective:

  • Celebrate the great performance and success of the company.
  • Number of expected guests 100 people.
  • To have a successful event that allows workers and friends to have relaxing and fun together
  • Achieve this project in 2 Months
  • Scope

    Expected outcomes

  • Make a memorable and exciting work team party. Everyone has a good time and gets to celebrate with their friends and colleagues.
  • Every guest will be having great time and experience a different type of celebrating party and they will be entertained with contemporary songs.
  • In Scope

  • To provide guests a 3 meals course
  • Providing entertainment of a contemporary song (invite singer)
  • Drink (alcohol) will be provided
  • Out Scope

  • No sticky tape
  • No Confetti
  • No Party poppers
  • No Lighting changes
  • No Outside Food
  • Due to limited funds “Free Fares” will not be available for guests.
  • Organizing transportation (Guest will organise their own).
  • Accommodation, sightseeing(for free)
  • Project Plan

    As the event manager of LinQ at Shelbourne Hotel, this event will be a great way to promote the venue and show the services to many others. This project is important because it will give the organisation a lot more customers, better reputation, more experience and more knowledge about the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses.

    The project will make the organisations objectives more and more possible with an increase in customers, experience and quality. Without this project, the growth of this company will be a lot slower and the customers will not know about the company.

    As the company increases profits, the venue can become better and better. This will then give LinQ at Shelbourne the opportunity to grow as a company.


    Supanee Satupark

    Team leader


    Assessment 1 administer projects
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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    Project Sponsor

    Project snapshot

    Issues Raised

    Project Risks


    Monitoring – Status update

    PART B



    Roles and responsibilities


    Work Breakdown Structure




  • The outcome of the project will be assessed by the number of customers turning up. The popularity of the organisation will be seen by the change in the number of customers. More customers will mean that the project is successful and the organisation has benefitted from the project. If the customers have decreased, the project was probably poorly planned and the customer didn’t enjoy the party. This will make the organisation lose reputation.
  • Get the customers to fill out a questionnaire. This will get the opinions of the customers which can be used to assess the outcome of the project.
  • The team members will also hold a meeting to discuss their overall thoughts about the outcome of the project. They should be honest with themselves and speak the truth even if it will make people disappointed. Usually a poor performance can motivate people to work harder and prove that they can be more successful.
  • Post project review report

    Project Records

    Finalising and reviewing the project Administration

    Part C

    Winding up the project


    Assessment 1 administer projects
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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