Assessment 1 BSBCUS501C Manage Quality Customer Service




Assessment 1 BSBCUS501C Manage Quality Customer Service

Assessment 1 BSBCUS501C Manage Quality Customer Service

Task 1

Organisation I Choose:

Massage Shop

In the massage shop I work at, there is 1 owner who is very good at massage. She trains all the staff how to massage well, with good technique to provide to customers. The owner however only handles special customers and the Owner is only requested by special people. General customers will be massaged by the massagers. There are about 20 massagers but only about 6 working at one time. There is two shifts, 10am-5pm and 5pm-12am so the staff shift during these shifts.

The massagers will provide the customer with the customer service. Since the customers walk into the shop, a massager will be allocated to the customer and the massager will then have to talk to the customer about the massage the customer wants and the price of the massage. The massagers must then make sure that the customers are satisfied with the massage and should always make sure that the customers are not uncomfortable.

The manager is the one that has to handle the rosters, allocate the massager rotations and also plan the training and recruitment. The manager therefore does not deal with customers unless the customers have a serious issue to speak to the manager about.

Massage shop receptionists are responsible for answering the telephone, transferring calls, taking accurate messages, greeting customers, cashiering, giving tours of the massage facility and scheduling appointments. Other responsibilities include notifying staff members of any customer cancellations or the arrival of any unscheduled visitors.

Their duties may also include light administrative and clerical duties, such as opening and distributing mail, filing, data entry and the preparation of letters and documents.

Task 2


The mission of THONGKORN THAI MASSAGE & SPA is to provide customers with the high class service that the customers expect and mae sure that all customers have been relieved of the stresses and pains in their body and mind.

With good contacts in Thailand for quality products and techniques expertise, Thongkorn intends to establish itself as a business leader in its field, and to offer consultancy service to other Thai Massage & Spa businesses in Australia.


The vision of this company is to have a large customer base and a good reputation in its field. To be a luxurious/premium service that enhances everyone’s work and physical energy. The delivery of such service will be effective in transforming all customers into a blissful and tranquil state of mind.

If successful, THONGKORN will also be looking to purchase another business nearby, in the hope to offer a Full Body Massage & Spa which will be complimentary to Thongkorn Neck-Shoulder-Foot Massage.


Assessment 1 BSBCUS501C Manage Quality Customer Service
Last updated: Sep 2023

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the hope to offer a Full Body Massage & Spa which will be complimentary to Thongkorn Neck-Shoulder-Foot Massage.

The position of the company will be a premium, traditional Thai foot massage shop. It will attract any businesses and give discounts to any businesses which recommend their employees to purchase a service at our company. This partnership can be beneficial for both companies and will definitely increase the amount of customers in the massage shop. The reputation and awareness will also increase due to the company’s brand name recommending THONGKORN THAI MASSAGE & SPA.

Customer Analysis

There are very different reasons for receiving a massage. Most of them are for people who need to relieve some stress, but others come to Thai massage shops for medical reasons such as pain relieving and physiotherapy. Therefore most of the customers are hard working business people with a lot of stress, and then there are the customers who do a lot of physical activities and need some pain relief.

For each purpose, there are many different techniques and styles of massage that will enhance the experience of every customers. The different styles of massage will also have different prices and the length of the massage will change. Whichever style that the customers choose, THONGKORN THAI MASSAGE & SPA PTY LTD will ensure that they receive a massage that is well worth the money that they spend.

One Day training

Customer service Policies

Massage therapists should focus on their customer service:

Before a massage

During a massage

After a massage

Massage therapists do not get to “take a break” from exemplary customer service.


  • Room – Clean, pleasant-smelling (no foul odors), appropriate temperature, pet-free, a proper place for the clients clothes/belongings
  • Linens – laundered, appropriate fabric weight and appropriate print/pattern for your profession
  • Music -Appropriate music for the modality being performed, reasonable sound level to the clients preference
  • After Follow-Up

    Client follow-up

    Thank your client when massage is concluded

    Inquire about the client’s thoughts post-massage

    Follow through on following up

    Quell post-massage chatting (“Personable, not personal”)


    Assessment 1 BSBCUS501C Manage Quality Customer Service
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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