Assessment 1 – BSBHRM504A 1 (1)




Assessment 1 – BSBHRM504A 1 (1)

Job Description

Job title :

Kitchen Hand

Reports to:

Head Chef

Responsible for:

Cleaning, preparing food, cooking, storing

Job purpose:

To keep the work area clean and no bacteria. Keep the work area safe and no harmful things to hurt the workers. Helps the chef when they need to prepare food or cook something. Help bring in food from storage areas.

Job title:

Operations Manager

The operations manager runs the day-to-day operations of an organisation or business. Their sole purpose or primary function is to find ways to make the company more productive by providing effective methods for its business operations.


An individual in this position usually prepares program budgets, facilitates several programs around the company, controls inventory, handles logistics and interviews and supervises employees.Other responsibilities include:

  • Provide a good work environment
  • Set rules and procedures
  • Handle the company’s operating budget
  • Contribute to committee meetings
  • Must be able to lead the team
  • Hiring staff
  • A person interested in operations management needs to have a strong leadership background and must know how to handle problems quickly and efficiently. In addition, they must have great communication skills.

    Induction plan

    Unsuccessful Candidate Email

    Dear Applicant

    We are sorry to inform you that your application has been unsuccessful, as we have chosen another candidate. We still hope you feel free to apply if there are any future positions available.

    Yours Sincerely


    Assessment 1 – BSBHRM504A 1 (1)
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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    Successful Candidate New Appointment Email

    Dear Leila

    Thank you for your reply.

    This email is to inform you that we have arranged an appointment on the 1/08/14, for you to begin your induction process. Please arrive at the café at 12pm and we can begin.

    I hope you can arrive, and if there is any issue with the appointment date, please inform me and I will be happy to adjust the time or date.

    Yours sincerely



  • Topics and Questions
  • Introduction Enquiry – Tell me about Yourself
  • Test Knowledge – What skills and experiences would make an ideal candidate?
  • Test Experience – what was your biggest problem in your last job and how did you overcome it?
  • Interest – What do you enjoy most about your job/ what do you enjoy least about your job
  • Leadership – are you able to lead people effectively
  • Confidence – why should we pick you over the other applicants
  • Steps

    1.Review the interview responses

    2.Score and rank each applicant

    3.Choose the applicant with the most desirable responses

    4.Prepare an email for the applicants you will reject, and the applicant you will accept.

    5.Identify future dates such as finalisation of recruitment

    6.Induction plan



    Assessment 1 – BSBHRM504A 1 (1)
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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