Assessment 1 – BSBHRM504A




Assessment 1 – BSBHRM504A


Job title:

Finance Manager

Reports to:

General Manager

Responsible for:

Finance, budgets, payments, wages

Job purpose:

To make sure that the company is in the best financial position possible. Also the finance manager must take care of all financial responsibilities within the Brambles company, and find any financial opportunities that could benefit brambles.

Job title :

Kitchen Hand

Job description:

The purpose of a kitchen hand is to prepare all the ingredients ready for chefs to use as ingredients to make dishes. Kitchen hands can also help cook some dishes but only if they are very familiar. The harder dishes are left for the chefs and kitchens hands take the easier jobs. Kitchen hand has to clean the floor with mop. Washing the equipment after using to prevent any food contamination. This has to be done according to the Food health and safety legislations. Some restaurants have automatic dish washers which can easy be load and turned on. This can save a lot energy and time.

Cleaning the floor is another purpose of this position. Other employees are too busy with they main purpose they do not have time to clean the floor during the day. A floor may be slippery because of a spill or oil spiting on the floor. These harms have to be deal with immediately to stop any accidents from happening in the future.

Skills required to do the job:

Kitchen hands are required to have many skills. Cutting is one skill. The kitchen hand must know the correct way to cut meat, and vegetables. This is for presentation and also because some meats need to be cut different ways in order for the meat to cook nicely.

Kitchen hands need to know the basics about each ingredient because they will need to prepare the ingredients before they are used. Kitchen hands must also be able to cook some dishes so they are required to know basic cooking procedures.

An very important skill to have as a kitchen hand are have good listening skills and an follow instructions fully. A head chef will have many instructions and everyone will have to follow them. It is important to keep the restaurant kitchen running smoothly and fast.

Working with employees will also be needed to help people work effectively and communicate well. Sharing the workload and helping others is a very important way to increase the effecientcy of the kitchen. Teamwork is the key important for a good working kitchen.


Assessment 1 – BSBHRM504A
Last updated: Sep 2023

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e key important for a good working kitchen.

Knowledge of every equipment and uses of each equipment will help save time and energy. If there is an equipment built for a certain job, it is always because it makes the job easier. For example a can opener is a faster and safe way to open a can. Someone may try use a knife to cut it or scissors which can be very dangerous and not as fast.

Text in my Advertisement

Brambles is a company specializing in the provision of reusable pallets, crates and containers and associated logistics services. There has recently been a vacancy opportunity available as a Finance Manager in Brambles. Brambles is looking for experienced financial managers which vast knowledge of the industry. It is a long and stressful job but can be rewarding as well. Experienced managers will have a better chance of being accepted, but that still does not mean that new managers should not apply.

Anyone can apply for this job. If you think this job suits you, just have a try. You will definitely get the experience you were looking for.

Phone number (0000000)

Email (

The best method to advertise this vacancy will be the internet. It is fast and effective and can be easily found on the internet by anyone who is looking for a job as a kitchen hand. It can be quite cheap if one of your employees are good with websites. Also the description can be as much as I want. Posting ads on other websites can also be very cheap or may be free on some websites such as Which allows you to post ads for free.

Interview Panel

The organisational panel will consist of the owners of the company and the General manager because he will decide what the financial manager must be able to do. The managers will know what to look for in a good worker. The experiences and profiles given by the applicant will show a lot about them. Owner is there to give the final decision.

This panel will be very strict and will take into consideration, every positive and negative characteristic of each applicant. It is harder to choose the right applicant than it sounds. It is almost impossible to know who will be the best applicant for the job until they actually start doing work.

Each interview will only last 10-20 minutes as it is expected that the number of applicants will be very high. Depending on the answers to the questions, the time will vary, however there will only be 10 questions that will be asked to every applicant.

Ten Questions

  • Have you worked as a Finance Manager before?
  • Have you worked in a finance environment before?
  • How long have you been employed?
  • What was the reason that you left that job?
  • Why do you want this job?
  • What achievements are you most proud of?
  • What responsibilities…
  • ...

    Assessment 1 – BSBHRM504A
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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