Assessment 1 – Business plan international hotel group part 4




Assessment 1 – Business plan international hotel group part 4

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This assessment gathers the evidence which in turn evaluates a number of elements of competency that will access knowledge and skills for this subject.

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Prepared by: Kanjana Hirunkhet

Part 4 Underperformance


Assessment 1 – Business plan international hotel group part 4
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Part 4 Underperformance


Underperformance in the workplace is a common problem and it lies within employer responsibilities for it to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. There are various forms that underperformance can take – a worker might not be performing their duties at all, or may simply not complete them to the standard required. The business may just have not chosen the correct strategies to implement.

When dealing with underperformance, there are a few steps that must be taken.

  • Identify Goals or Objectives
  • Review the performance
  • Provide the necessary training and development
  • Adjust any strategies or plans that are not being effective
  • Monitor and Review performance improvement plans.
  • Performance indicators

    I will use KPIs to analyse the performance of the team. The KPIs will be specific to the marketing initiative and I must make sure that the team understands how they can best perform their tasks.

    Key performance indicators are factors which can be measured and analysed to see if there is any improvements in performance. These indicators could be money, quality or customer related factors which can be measured. KPIs are used as self-evaluations and should be used to find out how and where the company can improve.

    If there is an under performance I will make sure that the team or employee involved with the underperformance understands what they are doing wrong and knows how to fix it. Under performance is not acceptable and can affect the overall performance of the marketing initiative. Therefore the employees need to be consulted and told how to improve. If the performance does not improve, they must then attend an performance improvement plan which is similar to a training course. This will improve their skills and make sure that they can perform better.

    Component of KPIs

    Objectives – identifies what the project is meant to achieve. These are the goals of the project.

    Measurement – what the company used to measure the progress and quality of the work. What types of strategies were used to measure the project’s progress.

    Target – reaching the targets and goals. Identifying what tasks must be completed and when they must be completed.

    Training Session

    I will implement a one day training program.

    Continuous Improvement

    I will use performance appraisals to monitor the performance of the workers. Many employers value the need for a performance appraisal process for workers but some question the effectiveness of this common management tool. A cost and productivity-conscious small-business owner must evaluate all business operations to ensure that he isn’t wasting time on ineffective and time-consuming activities, and that includes performance appraisals.

    The effectiveness of the performance appraisal process is partially dependent on how effectively the manager conducts the review meeting. For instance, if the manager provides an overly negative appraisal of the employee’s performance without balancing the feedback with positive comments or encouragement, that could alienate the employee or cause him to perceive the process as unfair. The effectiveness of the appraisal process may also depend on the personalities and motivations of each individual worker.

    The performance management should take place every 3 months. This is a good amount of time to let the performance management plan become effective, however also gives time for the results to be more accurate. Performance management plans will usually not have any impact until a few months and therefore, having performance management reviews every month will not be accurate.

    Reviewing the performance management 6 months or 1 year, may also not be effective as the performance management will become too part of the culture of the organisation and it will be too difficult to adjust to the new changes.


    In Conclusion, I will review the performance appraisals of the employees to monitor their performances. This will give me a good idea of whether the performance…


    Assessment 1 – Business plan international hotel group part 4
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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