Assessment 1 – Diversity Policy




Assessment 1 – Diversity Policy

Part 1. Research diversity

Summary of Existing Practices

Thongsorn Thai Massage

Business Structure

The business structure will be a sole trader business with 4 full time workers, 3 part time works and 2 casual workers. I will be the manager of the business.

Type of Organisation

The business is a traditional Thai massage and beauty treatment shop.

Business industry Type

The business industry is massage and health care related businesses. Premium massage shops and spas will be the main competitors.

Products and Services

The position of the company will be a premium and traditional style of Thai massage. We will also offer products such as beauty products, creams, etc to help skin and beauty care.

  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Powder Massage
  • Oil Massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Face massage
  • Foot spa
  • Potential benefits of diversity

    The benefits of valuing diversity and creating respectful and fair workplaces include increased employee engagement, heightened levels of workplace participation and innovation due to diverse thinking. In an industry such as hospitality that demands higher quality and ever increasing services, the benefits of embracing respect, equity and diversity simply make good business sense.

    Valuing and capitalising on employee diversity leads to productive workplaces that will assist in the retention and attraction of employees, through enhanced morale, increased job satisfaction and productivity.

    Consultation with stakeholders in relation to their diversity needs

    Internal Stakeholders

  • Owner
  • Also is legally liable for any issues with the Massage Shop
  • Manager
  • Make sure workplace is safe
  • Manage the health and safety of staff
  • Marketers
  • Have to comply with policies and procedures
  • Receptionist
  • These are the people most at risk
  • Have to comply with policies and procedures
  • Massagers
  • These are the people most at risk
  • Have to comply with policies and procedures
  • External Stakeholders

  • Customers
  • Can be affected by the discrimination
  • May be put into hazardous environment
  • Suppliers
  • Negatively impacted by the massage shop’s performance
  • Community
  • ......

    Assessment 1 – Diversity Policy
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  • Community
  • Will judge the organisation’s discrimination management
  • Government
  • Government make sure business is compliance with the rules and regulations
  • Competitors
  • Competitors will be impacted by Thongsorn’s performance.
  • Diversity policies and identified information for inclusion in a new diversity policy

  • Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986
  • Everyone deserves their rights and therefore, should be treated fairly. The Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 established the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (now known as the Australian Human Rights Commission) and gives it functions in relation to the following international instruments:

  • Racial Discrimination Act 1975
  • This is defined as the practice or action that discriminates against or offends a certain racial group. This racial group could be cultural, religious or even just people with the same skin colour.

    These are just some of the examples however racial discrimination can generally happen anytime and be done in countless ways. The ones that are that results in the most severe consequences are the ones that are deliberate, obvious and offensive.

    This relates to my workplace, as my Massage Shop is a diverse workforce. There are many types of staff as well as customers. They are not allowed to be discriminated against. One time, there was a “Thai Night” where the Massage Shop was dedicated to Thai customers, however this was then prohibited for future because not Thai friends and family were not allowed to enter which caused a lot of issues and the Massage Shop was charged for discrimination which lost of a lot of reputation and the massage shop was also fined for discrimination. This shows how the company cannot discriminate against any staff or customers.

  • Sex discrimination
  • This means that women cannot be given jobs that are seen as feminine and men cannot always get the jobs that men usually get. My Massage Shop used to only allow women that were thin and attract to serve as a massager. This was quickly changed as the government and other people that were applying for jobs found this as a very sexist act and the company paid a fine for discriminating against a male and also a large sized women. This shows how the company must ensure that it does not discriminate against sex or gender.

  • Disability Discrimination
  • Disabilities can significantly reduce the amount of work that a person can handle. It can also make them less efficient in the workplace however, they must still get a fair chance in the workplace. All workplaces must be accessible for disabled people. This is important as disabled people are seriously disadvantaged when trying to find a job. If the disabled person is fully competent to handle the job, there should be no reason that the disability will be considered.

    Part 2. Draft policy and plan for implementation

    Draft policy

    Equal Employment Opportunity

    This is a national and state law which covers all of Australia. These laws are made to make the workplace a more discrimination and…


    Assessment 1 – Diversity Policy
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