Assessment 1 Ensure team effectiveness




Assessment 1 Ensure team effectiveness

Assessment 1 Ensure team effectiveness

Thai Airways Company 


I work as a team leader of sales representative in Thai airways. I take care the sales section. I have about 15staffs work under me. Their role and responsibilities is reserve or book the ticket for the customer ,some of them need to take care of the new travel agency and also be consultant when they need help. 

I expect them to reach the goal every 3months. That  means they will have to offer the product such as business class or even voucher ,tour including accommodation or the souvenir product.


My group cohesiveness is very high. We like to work together as a team and get a lot of work done together. We help each other when we can because we believe that if we work as a team, we can perform a lot better.



conflict within the team that can  ruin relationship between colleague 

the different idea cause the problem : the staff will try to give the idea but if they have strong head and they believe what they give is right always so it might get trouble.

– allocate work to the wrong person will make life harder because finally it will be the leader need to fix the mistakes 

4.Technique that I always use to build the work group is 

– Rules within my group to set up all work policy , organise my team ‘s schedule.

meeting is one of the popular technique to open their mind and talk directly between colleague and team leader.

brainstorming is help to collect all good idea from the staff who feel familiar with problem and all works.

interview is help to access to the staff who need to improve their work.

-Encourage them even in the worst situation.

5. I always consult with the staff about the team ‘s purpose which all of the staff will have the same purpose and definitely understand the organisation ‘s goal.

The staff will have to understand their roles and responsibilities to work in the right way, complete their work on time and this can bring successful to the organisation.Once we get the new staff, we will train them and let them know what is the goal of the team and test if they understand what the team expect them to be.

6. Overall goals set all the team ‘s purpose and plan. It means if the team ‘s purpose or the plan are against the overall goals , the team will need to change the plan or purpose. All of the team leader in every section will set the plan and purpose meet the organisation requirement such as the airlines have the safety policy for work and the team ‘s plan will never take the staff into the risk situation.


Assessment 1 Ensure team effectiveness
Last updated: Sep 2023

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s have the safety policy for work and the team ‘s plan will never take the staff into the risk situation.


At my workplace, we develop performance plans every 3 months. This is because there are always new projects and new strategies that we implement so every 3 months the performance plan can be updated. The performance plans are created to increase the chance of achieving the goals and objectives of the company.


Formal performance plans are created by the management team and distributed to staff in hard copies. The formal performance plans are very serious and have clear objectives, reasons behind the plan and review strategies. Informal performance plans are made by consulting with other team members about the performance and how to improve it. The informal performance plan can be a simple meeting with some records of what was agreed on.


All workers have expected performance outcomes. There are the level of performance that is expected of them. we can use these as kpis as they show whether the performance is increasing or not. Staff that are not reaching their performance outcomes will be giving training and other support to help them improve.


All workers must contribute to the meeting. we provide 2 days notice before the meeting is held so that the team members can develop an ideas and plans that they can present to the group. people are encouraged to say the truth because if a worker does not like an idea, it is likely that many customers will feel the same. Workers are also asked to vote or speak up if they disagree with a decision.


guidelines or systems that govern how you operate in your job

a list of activities/tasks that must be carried out on a particular day / week / month

brainstorming with the team to address outcomes

creating a list of issues and concerns and distributing these for comments/feedback

training and development sessions


We have strict recruitment policies which means that only the applicants that we feel have the skills and competency to assist others will be hired. We look at how people perform as a team and how workers are able to assist others in achieving goals and objectives.

We also have policies which promotes teamwork and cooperation. Workers that are unable to work as a team or cooperate with meetings, decisions, activities, etc will be review carefully.


We always praise the workers that achieve high goals and objectives. in this type of industry, the number of sales that a worker can…


Assessment 1 Ensure team effectiveness
Last updated: Sep 2023

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