Assessment 1 – HR09 – Employee Relations Case Study




Assessment 1 – HR09 – Employee Relations Case Study

Task 1 – Manage Employee Relations

Task 1

Question 1

EAP stands for the Employee assistance program, . This program began when organisations began understanding the importance of employee relations and employee welfare. The EAP developed as better and better strategies were being used to get employees to open up and also with more technology, the EAP became more effective. The purpose of this voluntary program, is to find employees that may seem to be struggling, and consult with them and give instructions and guidance on how to improve. There is usually a volunteer who is good at consulting with others and solving employees problems. The employees may need consulting of many problems such as sexual harassment, violence, stress, addiction, or any other serious issue in the workplace. This is a short term counselling strategy for employees that need to improve their issues. According to , EAP is important because protecting the employees and identifying the issues of the employees will help the organisation resolve the employees problems. This will improve the employees performance.

Question 2

The kinds of organisations that offer EAP are usually service organisations that assist with other organisations employee human resources. Many organisations are designed to provide EAP for other organisations. One example is the ACACIA Connection EAP, which is at Level 12, 95 Pitt Street, SYDNEY. This is a high quality service for EAP counselling in Australia, NSW. The employees of ACACIA Connection EAP are trained professionals with high experience and skills to train and consult with troubled employees.

Question 3


Assessment 1 – HR09 – Employee Relations Case Study
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Question 3

Sexual harassment –EAP assists employees that are being sexually harassed by employees, managers, anyone in the workplace. It is tough to get consultation for this because it is so hard to have the courage to speak up.

Stress – many people do not understand how significant stress can be on someone’s lives. Stress will cause people to look focus and can also put a lot of pressure and weight that is not necessary.

Serious Incident or Traumatic incident – traumatic incidents can be very scary for employees. these incidents such as a building fire, equipment scare, loss of a colleague, etc will impact on the workers focus and performance.

Question 4

  • There are many benefits of EAP. The biggest benefit is the ability to improve employee performance, . EAP is built to identify the weaknesses of an employee and identify strategies to overcome the weaknesses or problems. There are many factors which can impact on the employee’s performance.
  • EAP can help resolve relationship difficulties and others such as:
  • work-related problems
  • alcohol or drug problems
  • financial and gambling difficulties
  • child and family issues
  • personal and work trauma
  • grief and bereavement
  • harassment and discrimination
  • emotional problems
  • This will help make the employees more effective as they are not distracted by these issues. If they are not distracted they can then focus better and become better workers.
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    Assessment 1 – HR09 – Employee Relations Case Study
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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