Assessment 1 – ITNIV03




Assessment 1 – ITNIV03

Assessment 1

Part A


Privacy is about respecting and valuing a people’s personal boundaries and space. In regards to business, privacy is more about the knowledge and confidentiality of this knowledge. Disclosing any personal information to a public audience is considered a breach of privacy and also confidentiality.

In a society where knowledge is considered one of the most powerful tools for success, privacy has become a significant part of businesses, as any information could be used as leverage in a negotiation, or just used to learn more about competitors, products, technologies, trends, etc.

  • Confidentiality act
  • Privacy of clients, customers and employees
  • Information security
  • Providing up to date and accurate information
  • This is to ensure that all information is well secured and safe from any unauthorised personnel. Also making sure that the system’s functional requirements do not breach any legal policies or procedures is vital.

    Emails are another factor that the company NetMovies must consider carefully, because in the E-commerce industry, a lot of communication will be done via emails. Most e-commerce business will market to their customers by sending emails to update their customers. NetMovies must make sure that business only sends emails to the emails subscribed to the company.

    Background Information

    Developing a business such as will involve a lot of privacy as all internet start-up businesses must be incredibly trustworthy and reliable. Dealing on-line or in the e-commerce industry, confidentiality and privacy is one of the most important factors to consider. Customers want a guarantee that their personal information such as credit card details, are safe and secure. Additionally people may not want others to be able to access their rental history, and this means that other customers should not be able to view other customer’s profile or the customer must be able to choose which information that want to show public.

    Federal Privacy Act

    The federal privacy act is also known as The Privacy Act 1988. This means that the act has been implemented since 1988. This privacy act ensures that all information that should be kept private and confidential remains private and confidential until the information is given permission to be given out. This compliance allows both customers and the companies to have their own privacy rights. The privacy act applies to all dealings with information such as the:

  • Collection of information – making sure that the information is collected fairly and appropriately. No inappropriate or unrelated information is collected.
  • Usage of information – the information must only be used for the purpose provided to the owner of the information, i.e. the customer or client.
  • Storage of information – the storage of the information must be safe and secure. A secure database is a suitable storage, as long as unauthorised personnel are not able to access the information.
  • Disclosure of information – information cannot be disclosed unless the company has permission from the client or customers. The only other situation that the information can be disclosed is if the person is in danger, or the information can be used for investigation.
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    Assessment 1 – ITNIV03
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    – information cannot be disclosed unless the company has permission from the client or customers. The only other situation that the information can be disclosed is if the person is in danger, or the information can be used for investigation.

    State Privacy Act

    The state privacy act of Australia is also known as the Privacy and Personal Information protection Act 1998.

  • Access to personal information of themselves
  • Information must be recorded in an effective and efficient way which will improve the ease of finding information.
  • Storing secure locks on all storage containers such as filing cabinets and installing alarm systems on restricted areas. Security cameras on all walkways and every room is a very efficient way of stopping any unauthorized personnel entering restricted areas. Employees must be warns and trained about the importance of Personal information. This will require business policies which improve the security of the business.
  • Personal information must not be given out to anyone without the permission from the individual.
  • Information cannot be given out to others unless the company feels that the individual is in danger.
  • All these ways will ensure that a business will comply with Privacy and Personal Information protection Act 1998 and that no private information will reach the hands of other people. The information will also be used for only reasons which have been granted the permission of the individual. The information will not be used unlawfully and will be disposed of once it is not needed.

  • How personal Information is collected in Movie Net
  • Personal information is collected when the customer or user of the e-business creates an account. They will provide all the required information as well as any additional information and this will then be updated straight into the business database system.

  • How personal Information is used in Movie Net
  • The personal information will only be used to make sure that the correct customer can receive the products. For example, making sure that the DVDs are sent to the correct address.

  • Consider how personal information is disclosed in Movie Net
  • Personal information should not be disclosed unless the customer/client has given permission for the information to be disclosed.

  • Consider accuracy of personal information in Movie Net
  • Personal information must be accurate and reliable. This means that the information must be updated, to ensure that the information is accurate. Any wrong details should also be cautioned.

  • Consider security of personal information in Movie Net
  • Security of personal information must be incredibly secure. Customers will not accept or deal with a business that does not have a secure system.

  • Consider rights of individuals to access their personal information in Movie Net
  • Customers and clients have the right to access, change and withdraw their personal information at any time.


    Assessment 1 – ITNIV03
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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