assessment 1 manage customer service




assessment 1 manage customer service

Task 1 Organisational Chart – Hotel

The hotel that I work at is very large and there is a lot of people in the Organisational chart, but not all of them provide customer service. Many of the staff do not interact with the customers, such as the accounting team, engineering team and marketing team. The accounting team only deals with the numbers of the business, engineering fix problems and maintenance. The marketing team look at the hotels performance and identify ways of improving the reputation and image of the company, so they don’t service the customers, but try to attract them.

Customer service is the essence of the hospitality industry. The importance of customer service in hospitality is stressed in professional courses as well as on-the-job training modules since aspiring hoteliers, restaurateurs and others in the industry need to be well aware of its significance and implication for successful business operations.

Prompt Service

You may provide the best service, but if you are not fast enough, you may lose an important customer and several other referrals. Always remember if you do not give your customer what he is looking for, he will knock on other doors until someone else will. Learn how to constantly innovate to meet high expectations and provide good service. The customer should be the center of your universe and your services should be designed around him.


The hospitality industry thrives on convenience. If your customer service is missing this essential ingredient, your business won’t last long unless you bring about changes that demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction. Remember that the service and hospitality industries were built to offer the basics of convenience to customers. Today, as the industry is expanding and the competition is growing, hotel conglomerates are getting innovative and thinking of means to achieve the highest standards in convenience offerings.

The Hotel has over 50 Rooms and therefore, has to make sure that each customer is happy with their room and experience with the hotel. Many customers stay an average of 3 days, so the number of customers is about 150 each week.

The main customer service staff in the hotel are the:

Front Office Staff – Hotel frost office staff make guests feel welcome, manage room bookings (also known as reservations) and deal with requests that guests make during their stay. Other tasks include:

  • dealing with bookings by phone, e-mail, letter, fax or face-to-face
  • completing procedures when guests arrive and leave
  • choosing rooms and handing out keys
  • taking and passing on messages to guests
  • dealing with special requests from guests (like booking theatre tickets or storing valuable items)
  • answering questions about what the hotel offers and the surrounding area
  • dealing with complaints or problems.
  • Uniformed Service – The primary positions within the uniformed service department are:

  • Bell attendants – Persons who provides baggage services between service between the lobby area and the guest room.
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    assessment 1 manage customer service
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    ces between service between the lobby area and the guest room.

  • Door attendants – Persons who provide curb-side baggage service and traffic control at the hotel entrance.
  • Valet Parking attendants – Persons who provide parking service for guests automobiles. Provides exceptional service to all guests and potential guests by assisting them in a friendly, efficient, courteous and professional manner. Provides valet parking services to safely and efficiently move guest automobiles to a designated parking location while following Company policies and procedures. This function may include assisting with loading and unloading of luggage, providing information in regard to the hotel’s facilities and events, and directions to local attractions.
  • Transportation personnel – person who provide transportation services for guests. The transportation personnel or pick up staff are responsible for:
  • Handling guest arrival with pick up request, and arrange the transportation.
  • Assist with guest luggage as and when required.
  • Give all hotel facilities information to the guest and assists them in to the car.
  • Escort the guest to the official car rental and deals with authorized car rental staff.
  • Stand by at the arrival terminal for every flight arrival.
  • Concierges – Person who assist guests by making restaurant reservations, arranging for transportation, getting tickets for theater, sporting etc. A concierge’s responsibilities will vary based on the level of service provided by their employer. In high-end, or luxury, hotels and apartment buildings, a concierge may act as a butler; booking dinner reservations, transportation and generally making the impossible, possible are all par for the course. Concierges use hotel contacts and businesses to fulfill any request a guest may have during the course of their stay.
  • Room Service – Room service attendants have a variety of responsibilities to ensure each guest has an enjoyable experience in the hotel. These attendants must strive to supply guests with their needs and requests. Depending upon the size of the hotel and versatility of the staff, responsibilities of room service attendants vary. There are many other responsibilities including:

  • Schedule and organize room service functions to the serving staff. 
  • Provide room service to guests, customers and visitors. 
  • Ensure that all guest rooms are clean, neat and hygienic with pleasant ambience. 
  • Ensure that all electrical systems and furniture are working in proper order. 
  • Check telephones, music system and other electronic gadgets are in working condition. 
  • Take food orders from guests and customers from room service. 
  • Serve guests and customers their food items in their rooms. 
  • Respond promptly to guests and customers’ service requests. 
  • Provide laundry service to guests in a hotel. 
  • Assist and support room service manager in ensuring prompt quality services to customers and…
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    assessment 1 manage customer service
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