Assessment 1 Manage Quality Customer Service (1)




Assessment 1 Manage Quality Customer Service (1)

Assessment 1 Manage Quality Customer Service

Task 1 Organisational Chart of a typical customer service function in banking industry

Account Management

The account management function is about sales and customer relationship management, ensuring that the ending user or customer is satisfied with the products or services that they have purchased.

Account management stay in contact with customers throughout their lifetime with the company to provide support and gentle stimulate customer to buy more through matching new product and services which customer probably needs.

One account manager may be responsible for a group of customers or a single customer (in the case of a big profit port).

Technical & Product Support

The technical and product support function provides customer service as it relates specifically to a certain product or service offering. Normally they are collaborating work with sales team to support information in term of technical data. In case of banking industry, for example, there may be several groups of technical & product support, each of whom is responsible for providing support for a specific banking product or service (e.g., savings accounts, online banking, investment, insurance etc.).

Customer incentives & rewards

The customer incentives and rewards function is responsible for both internal and external customers in managing programs and initiatives that reward customers in some way.

The sales incentive program is created to motivate internal customer including salesperson, partners and distributors for selling products and service. The company would gain more revenue, as well as, sales would get reward in terms of money, overseas trip, promotion, etc. To illustrate, the company has set target of sales volume at AUD$15,000 per month. In the end of month, team A can achieve the target. They will get incentive value AUD$ 300 per person. They may get the rewards as a team or individual, depending on the policy and condition. Rewards through promoting is a good way to retention customer.


Assessment 1 Manage Quality Customer Service (1)
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Customer incentives & rewards function design, implement, and analyze the performance of effective customer incentive programs that can improve brand loyalty, customer retention and revenue, as well as provide a competitive advantage in highly competitive markets.

After Sales Service

After Sales Service is mainly responsible for delivering high levels of service standard to customer through best practices of well-trained and qualified staffs that professional perform their duties with service minded.

This department intends to develop continuously value added services to enhance the impressive after sale service experience resulting in creating customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the company has incident management and return & warranty department to handling customer problem issues. Firstly, the incident management group is responsible for handling customer issues that require action to resolve. The function responses for common customer problems and communicating issues to all concerned to fix or to be solution provider.

Another is return & warranty function that is responsible for processing all customer products claim and return. This function is also accountable for maintaining warranty guidelines and customer warranty expiration dates, as well as addressing any questions customers may have about their warranty’s coverage.

All procedures must be implemented through professional staffs with service at heart.

Task 2


Westpac’s vision is to be one of the world’s great service companies, helping our customers, communities and people to prosper and grow


  • To growth, growing customer numbers in core markets; Australia and New Zealand and building stronger and deeper customer relationships
  • Enhance portfolio of financial services brands which enables us to appeal to a broader range of customers, and provides us with the strategic flexibility to offer solutions that better meet individual customer needs
  • To increase the number of products per customer with a specific focus on deposits, and wealth and insurance cross sell
  • Strengthen and expand international transaction service
  • ...

    Assessment 1 Manage Quality Customer Service (1)
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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