assessment 1 mange operational plan (1)




assessment 1 mange operational plan (1)

2 A) Outline of Legislative and Regulatory Requirements

Data Protection

(a) You must register under the Data Protection Act if you collect any kind of information about people, these could be your customers, employees or potential customers. This information includes names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.

(b) You must state what you do and intend to do with your subject’s data and not deviate from that statement.

(c) The Act is applies to any size of business.

(d) You must not export the personal data outside the EC (European Community) without permission from the people you are collecting data on.

(e) You must ensure that all information is held securely and must be revealed or deleted upon request from the subjects of the information.

(f) You must only record data which is pertinent to your prime business needs.

Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations

The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 apply to many ecommerce websites. However, they are not applicable to ‘business-to-business’ transactions.

(a) You must provide clear information about your products and services before purchase.

(b) You must be clear about postage and packing costs and whether VAT or any other tax is included in the prices shown on your website.

(c) You must provide a written confirmation of order following purchase, for example a confirmation email.

(d) You must allow a “cooling off” period where by the customer can change their mind and cancel or return the order within 7 working days for most goods. Certain exclusions do apply with items such as perishable and digital goods.

(e) You must inform your customers of their right to cancel their order with no loss other than return postage and packing.

Ecommerce Directive

(a) You must display the name of your business, the company registration number (or proprietor’s name), geographical address (not a PO Box number), contact information e.g., telephone number and email address, VAT registration number (if registered).

(b) You may refer to trade or professional schemes if applicable.

(c) You must provide clear information on price, tax and delivery to buyers.

(d) You must clearly display your site’s Terms and Conditions.

(e) You must acknowledge all orders.

(f) In commercial communication with your customers, you must clearly identify any electronic communication designed to promote your goods or services.

(g) You must clearly identify the sender of all electronic communication.

(h) You must clearly define any promotional offers and the qualifying conditions regarding these offers.

(i) If you send unsolicited emails, you must clearly identify them as unsolicited.

2 b) Outline the BBQfun Policy and Procedures


assessment 1 mange operational plan (1)
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) Outline the BBQfun Policy and Procedures

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Commercial and other use

You are not permitted to re-transmit, distribute or commercialise the information or material without full acknowledgement to BBQFun or by seeking prior written approval from BBQFun. For written permission to use the information or material from this site, please contact our Chief Information Officer. You may not use this website to sell a product or service, or to increase traffic to your website for commercial reasons, such as advertising sales.

2 A) Explanation of the Role of the Operational Plan

The operational plan details how the organisation will accomplish the goals, objectives and strategies outlined in the strategic plan. It includes the actions to be undertaken in line with the strategic plan objectives, who are responsible for carrying out these actions, and the time frames, costs and key performance indicators associated with these actions.

The operational plan should apply to the life of the strategic plan, but should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure sufficient progress is being made towards achieving the objectives and so priorities can be revised as necessary.

2 D) Discussion on Developing a new Operational Plan

  • Core competencies: Based on the proposed foundation for sustainable competitive advantage for the venture, this will be an analysis of the core competencies (functions and capabilities) that must be internal to the firm. This analysis will guide which functions can be outsourced or achieved through partnerships.
  • Elements of the operating plan: This section is the heart of the analysis. There are three documents that together represent the companies operating plan:
  • Company timeline: What things will the company accomplish and when?
  • Staffing plan: Who will the company hire (i.e., what skills and experience) and when?
  • Budget: The outline of the financial performance that will result from the company’s activities. This should also be summarized as pro forma income statements. The appropriate planning horizon depends on the business the company is in. Factors such as time to…
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    assessment 1 mange operational plan (1)
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