Assessment 1 -Metrics and BI (2)




Assessment 1 -Metrics and BI (2)

Centre for Hospitality and Tourism Studies

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Unit Name:Yield and Revenue Management

Unit Code:HM301

Assignment 01:PART ARevenue Management metrics

PART BBusiness Intelligence Review

Marks:20% weightage

Words:1,000 [not including reference]

Due Date:Friday 2nd September 2020

PART A – Revenue Management metrics

Question 1


Calculate the missing metrics in Table 1.

(20 marks)

Suggest one way in which the Mandala Rooftop can boost its GOPPAR

(10 marks – 200 words)

Question 2


Calculate the Food and Beverage Revenue Report in Table 2


Assessment 1 -Metrics and BI (2)
Last updated: Sep 2023

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od and Beverage Revenue Report in Table 2

(23 marks)

Discuss one strategy to improve seat utilization from 3pm to 6pm. Support your answer with data

(7 marks – 200 words)

PART BBusiness Intelligence

Select a business intelligence firm that specialise in Revenue Management and Business Intelligence reporting and discuss its professional services. It will be beneficial for you to discuss in-depth how senior management in five and four stars hotels use Intelligence RM and Business Firms to gain a competitive advantage, especially when it comes to undertaking pricing strategies and market positioning .(40 marks)

Intelligence Business and Revenue Management website for reference as below. You are encouraged to find other online sources.

(600 words)

A minimum of five references must be used to obtain a PASS. More academic and industry references need to be evidenced to gain higher grades. This is also premised that the work is of a high academic quality.

After completing please upload the assignment answer document to submission area on student web.


Assessment 1 -Metrics and BI (2)
Last updated: Sep 2023

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