assessment 1 Operational Plan




assessment 1 Operational Plan

Assessment 1

Manage Operational Plan


2. A

Outline of Legislative and Regulatory Requirements

  •  – The Federal  sets rules for businesses handling personal information. It also allows individuals to make a complaint if personal information is mishandled. The privacy act only applies to certain businesses, so if you are unsure about your rights and obligations, you should seek independent, professional legal advice.
  •  – Each state and territory also has its own fair trading laws, usually referred to as the Fair Trading Act; with consumer protection provisions much the same as those in the CCA. State and territory fair trading offices can give general advice on your business rights and obligations under fair trading laws. However, if you’re unsure how fair trading laws apply to your particular situation, then you are encouraged to obtain independent legal advice.
  •  – CCA is the main legislation that ensures fair trading in the marketplace. It deals with almost every aspect of your business including advertising, price setting, and transactions with other businesses or consumers. It also covers unfair market practices, industry codes of practice, mergers and acquisitions of companies, product safety, collective bargaining, product labelling, price monitoring, and the regulation of industries such as telecommunications, gas, electricity and airports.
  • b. Outline the BBQfun Policy and Procedures

  • Company ‘s privacy info.
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  • Right to use the company ‘s information
  • You may download, store in cache, display, print and copy a single copy or part of a single copy of information or material from this site only for your personal, non-commercial use and only in an unaltered form.Information or material from this site may be used for the purposes of private study, research, criticism or review, as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 and may only be reproduced as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968.

    Any permitted reproduction made must acknowledge BBQFun source of any selected passage, extract, diagram or other information or material reproduced. Any reproduction made of the information or material must include a copy of the original copyright and disclaimer notices as set out here.

  • Use of the comp[any ‘s website
  • You are not permitted to re-transmit, distribute or commercialise the information or material without full acknowledgement to BBQFun or by seeking prior written approval from BBQFun. For written permission to use the information or material from this site, please contact our Chief Information Officer.

    You may not use this website to sell a product or service, or to increase traffic to your website for commercial reasons, such as advertising sales.

    Policy and procedure of operational plan

  • Major administrative document require the prior approval of the relevant Executive Director, as appropriate.
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    assessment 1 Operational Plan
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    istrative document require the prior approval of the relevant Executive Director, as appropriate.

  • Major administrative require an approved project charter and business case prior to project funding.
  • Major administrative require an Executive Team member as project sponsor at commencement.
  • Budget and schedule status reports must be sent to the Project Sponsor at agreed intervals.
  • managers are required to have sufficient experience, skills and available time to manage the project.
  • Change, communication, risk and test plans are required to be signed off prior to implementation.
  • A post implementation review is to be conducted at project completion, reviewed by the
  • The relevant approving officer will determine project closure with a sign-off on the post implementation review.
  • c. Explanation of the Role of the Operational Plan

    E-commerce businesses have specific issues unrelated to other businesses in the same market, but use different sales and order fulfillment mechanisms. Your e-commerce operational plan must incorporate the usual business planning, as well as issues specific to this business mechanism.

    When it comes to eCommerce, an operational plan is double-important: you’ll have to identify your target audience and create a financial forecast, but also research the right platform to market your product, the look and feel of your website, and build a strategy for a successful online presence.

    d. Discussion on Developing a new Operational Plan

    It is important to develop a new operational plan instead of using an old operational plan because this makes sure that all information is accurate and reliable. The operational plan must be created for this E-Commerce business only.

    6. Action Plan

    7. Performance Indicators – balanced Scorecard

    8. Risk Management Plan

    9. Proposal for Resourcing

    a. Resource Requirements for Ecommerce strategy

  • eight online sales and customer service people will be needed to manage increased online customers
  • since stores are overstaffed, need for four online people could be met from drawing from existing employees at the two stores
  • no current staff have any online customer service skills
  • management would like to develop people through re-training rather than hire new staff to handle online sales
  • six delivery trucks needed to enable distribution
  • e-commerce website will take 50 days to develop
  • three forklifts are needed
  • four additional warehouse workers are needed
  • six additional drivers are needed
  • office space will need to be…
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    assessment 1 Operational Plan
    Last updated: Sep 2023

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